Thursday, January 17, 2013

Will You Marry Me?

It is the biggest question you will ever be asked. 

Today we are talking about marriage proposals. Much like asking a girl to prom, asking someone to marry you has been taken to a whole new level thanks to guys LIKE THIS ONE......

We thought today would be fun for us to share our proposal stories.

Elissa- My proposal story is not the most romantic or outrageous but it is so my husband. It was 2005  Easter weekend. We had done a lot of driving and I was exhausted because I was 7 months pregnant. We had finally made it home and were in bed relaxing before going to sleep. My man was looking through the Sunday paper ads and talking to me about types of engagement rings I liked. We had spent many afternoons browsing jewelry shops looking at rings. He showed me an ad for some Kmart jewelry and asked if I liked any of those rings. I rolled my eyes at him. He lowered the ad and in his other hand was a mahogany box with the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. It took my breathe away. I looked at him and he said "So when are we getting married?"

Irene- My husband pays a lot of attention to details. He is very romantic and creative. He wanted our engagement to include: sights, sounds, taste, scents and feelings/touch. So, our engagement night was full of thoughtful surprises. At the time, I was about 8 weeks pregnant with our first. He strategically wrapped a few gifts to give me throughout the night. Some of the gifts included what I craved during my first weeks of pregnancy i.e. a bulk supply of gummi bears and Gatorade (lol). He took me to the Getty Museum (sights) and after checked us into a deluxe room on the 23rd floor of the Westin Bonaventure in Downtown LA. Walking into the room there was music playing with some of our favorite songs (sounds)... Cold Play, John Mayer, Stevie Wonder. All songs literally corresponded to his agenda for our evening. A gourmet dinner (taste) was arranged on a gorgeous table for two (which he set up, yes he even purchased bamboo table settings, flowers (scents), candles and champagne glasses). After dinner and dessert he handed me a letter with a final gift. The gift was a toy boat (a little something for our unborn child). In the letter he eluded to how we wouldn't marry soon but how much he adored me and how happy I made him. I was crying at this point because of this amazing letter and a bit sad since he ended the letter with how this might not be the night I expected. He says this was all in an attempt to throw me off (feel). As I'm crying, I didn't notice how he came down on one knee to comfort me. Suddenly I see an opened ring box with a spotlight on the most gorgeous ring. Then through a flurry of I love yous he pops the question. The next song to play was "You Are So Beautiful To Me" by Louis Armstrong and alone in our room, bursting with love, we shared our first dance (touch) as an engaged couple!

We want to hear your proposal stories or your ultimate fantasy proposal!
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  1. My husband proposed to me at home. I was washing the dishes and he was playing with our girls. Next thing I know, my girls are standing next to me with a ring box in their hand and 2 big cheesy smiles. I look over at Ernie and there he is walking towards me with a big smile and tears in his eyes. He gets down on one knee, tells me he loves me and asks to marry him! Of course I say yes... but the best part was the big family hug we all shared. And the ring was the engagement ring my dad had given my mom 30 years ago...he passed away when I was 16 so it felt very special, like he was part of our marriage even though he couldn't be there physically... and growing up I always said I wanted a ring just like my moms ;)

  2. Thanks for sharing these touching memories with us!


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