Thursday, January 3, 2013

What I'm Packing In My Hospital Bag- Guest Post by Crystal Britt from A Bunch of Britts

Let me introduce you to Crystal Britt, blogger from A Bunch of Britts. Crystal is due to have her first baby ANY SECOND NOW! Seriously, she could be in labor as I write this! We asked Crystal to give us a run down of what she packed in her hospital bag. Or bags in her case!

Take it away Crystal....

As a first time mom, I'm pretty much shooting in the dark here. However, I am HUGE on comfort and feeling at home when I can't be at home, so that largely influenced what I shoved into these mama-jamas (aka hospital bags). Yes, mama-jamaS, plural. One for me and one for baby girl.

This is our bag, for Ben and me. 

  • Pjs for both of us. I packed a t-shirt and gym shorts for Ben, and two tanks, nursing bras and two pairs of yoga pants for me. These yoga pants are worth their weight in gold--I personally own 4 pairs.
  • Slippers for me. Because hospital socks are gross.
  • Boppy. Okay so this one isn't for us, but I have heard it is a must for the hospital to make breastfeeding comfortable. 
  • Nursing pads and lanolin. I've been using nursing pads for leaking since about week 24, so these are a given. The lanolin I want to have to preempt any breast/nipple soreness from breastfeeding. Because I literally cannot imagine anything worse than boobs that have bleeding, cracking nipples.
  • Nurse gifts. The three little bags with ribbons are presents for my nurses. They aren't a big deal, just a hand sanitizer and a travel size lotion but nurses have it ROUGH, y'all. And having worked in a hospital before, there's nothing more guilt-inducing than having someone bring you food and you battling over whether or not eat it--so I opted to avoid bringing them chocolate.
  • Plastic bag of toiletries. This is the biggest aspect of comfort I may have gone overboard on. But really? I don't want to feel gross and disgusting in the hospital (although it may be unavoidable). The bag includes deodorant for both of us, eye drops (Ben's eyes get dry super easily), q-tips, toothpaste, mouthwash, chapstick, hand sanitizer, bobby pins, lotion, hair bands, you know, only the essentials.
  • Rice-heating pad. I made this a while ago and it's really easy to heat up quickly. This one is the only thing in my bag that's actually for labor.

Baby Girl's Bag

  • Baby journal. I have the pages marked for the nurses to put her hand and foot prints.
  • Video camera. Even though it's against Kaiser's policy to videotape the actual birth, but before and after are okay. I packed the charger as well.
  • Kitty cat sleeper. Because really? Seriously? How could I not?
  • Going Home outfit. Picked out by GiGi and PopPop.
  • Two headbands. Simply because I'm THAT mom.
  • Aden and anais swaddling blanket. Again, I'm THAT mom that wants pictures of her in this at the hospital. Hospital blankets gross me out.
  • Hooter Hider nursing cover. Everyone and their mother will be at that hospital (including staff, all of whom know my mom in one way or another). I don't really need them seeing my boobies.

If I use half this crap it will be a miracle, but at least it shuts up the type-a voice in my head and gives me the delusion that I'm prepared for this.

- Crystal Britt is a very very very pregnant social worker for the National MS Society. She is an avid coffee drinker and can tell you the exact amount of milligrams of caffeine a decaf Starbucks coffee has. She is funny and witty and a beautiful person inside and out! 

You can follow the adventures of Crystal, her husband Ben and their new baby girl at A Bunch of 

Stay tuned for part 2 of this piece. Crystal will be back with a second part to this article. She is going to let us know what she actually used from these bags and let us know what things she wish she hadn't packed and things she wish she had! 


  1. Love, love, love the idea to bring little gifts for the nurses. Thanks for sharing this with us Crystal! I wish you a smooth and comfortable delivery!

  2. Love it Love it Love it!!!!!! Great job mom... now I can't wait to see what you use. As a doula I pack my own bag of goodies I think a mom would use in labor and most of the time find I use 3 items... a robozo, the massage oil and a fan ( pack one if you havn't as you will get real hot when it gets going.)Oh and don't forget breath mints and gum! Blessings to you on your upcoming birth


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