Monday, January 14, 2013

Push Presents

Push presents are all the rage. Push presents are gifts that the non-pregnant partner gives to the Mommy after birth. A gift for literally pushing the baby out. A phenomenon started by celebrities (blame Dean McDermott and the amazing push presents he gives Tori Spelling). As if men where not stressed enough about having a baby now they have to find the perfect gift for their hormonal post partum partner.

Some common push presents are.....

  • jewelry with the baby's birthstone
  • personalized necklace with the baby's name or initials
  • designer label diaper bags
  • tickets for a family vacation
  • spa gift certificate

The idea of a push present is still a controversial topic. Some feel that push presents take emotion out of the miracle of life and turn it into a another shallow and materialistic event. Personally I feel that the bouquet of flowers that my husband gave me meant so much. BUT a Tiffany and Company diamond necklace would have been a nice way to commemorate an important day. I guess we have a child that does that. 

Did you receive or give a push present?
What is your opinion; are you pro or anti push presents? 


  1. It shouldn't be expected but gladly accepted ;) I received one not knowing and never even knowing about this until now. I just thought my husband was being super sweet. He gifted me with a necklace and earrings I had wanted from macys nothing extravagant just some Betsey Johnson trendy set. So I dont thing we as mothers should expect anything having a child is the biggest gift and joy of all compared to any trendy jewelry set!

    1. Thanks for the comment! Push presents are a pretty hot topic. Personally I think they are pretty ridiculous. But in a society where we reward everything I can see something like push parents becoming the norm.

  2. I think it should be up to the father if he wants to gift the mother. It makes me sad that there is even a name for this event. My hubby gave me roses and I loved them. I never even thought of thinking that I would receive more than that. The fact that in his exhaustion he got me flowers was enough for me.

  3. So funny! I have never heard of these. I love the little shoes.


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