Friday, January 25, 2013

Part 2: What I'm Packing In My Hospital Bag- Guest Post by Crystal Britt from A Bunch of Britts

(Read Part One Here)

So as it turned out, all my baby girl was waiting for was for me to submit that post to Elissa! She was born the next day!  I had some post-birth complications (you can check out my birth story here), so we were at the hospital longer than we anticipated. Here's what we used and what was useless:

Our bag:

  • Pjs for both of us. Yes. The only thing I wish is that I had packed more for Ben. I was pretty much in the hospital gown the whole 4 days, but poor Ben had to wear the same thing everyday.
  • Slippers for me. Yes. My sister actually brought me another pair since Ben ended up using these the majority of my stay.
  • Boppy. Yes! This was absolutely a must have, especially since we had a hard time latching at first. This saved my tired arms!
  • Nursing pads and lanolin. Yes and no. The nursing pads weren't really necessary but the lanolin definitely was.
  • Nurse gifts. Yes. This turned out perfectly--the nurses were so appreciative!
  • Plastic bag of toiletries. Yes. We actually used everything in this bag and I actually forgot shampoo and conditioner!
  • Rice-heating pad. Nope! This was the only thing I didn't use at all. The epidural was pain management enough.

Her bag:

  • Baby journal. Nope. Kaiser has special ink that only works in their specific paper so the journal was useless.
  • Video camera. Yes! The video my family took while they waited for me is priceless.
  • Kitty kat sleeper. Yes--so sweet to have her in when she wasn't swaddled.
  • Going Home outfit. Yep! Obviously used this one.
  • Two headbands. Yes. These actually came in handy for hospital pictures.
  • Aden and anais swaddling blanket. Nope. My husband used the hospital blankets exclusively to swaddle and since I was immobile, I had little to say about it.
  • Hooter Hider nursing cover. Yes, definitely. This helped so much with all our visitors!

- Crystal Britt is a brand new Mommy and a social worker for the National MS Society. She is an avid coffee drinker and can tell you the exact amount of milligrams of caffeine a decaf Starbucks coffee has. She is funny and witty and a beautiful person inside and out! 

You can follow the adventures of Crystal, her husband Ben and their new baby girl at A Bunch of 

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