Monday, January 28, 2013

My Celebrity Mom Crushes

So I will confess it here. I get sucked into the whole reality t.v./ celebrity gossip thing (I am so a Kourtney). Among the Kardashians, Honey Boo-Boo's and daily doses of TMZ I have found myself developing a Mommy Crush on a few celebrities. And by Mommy Crush I mean Moms that I would like to be like. Moms who are cool, creative, beautiful and successful. 

 So my first Mommy Crush is on Tori Spelling; yes, the Tori Spelling from 90210 fame. I was not a big fan of that show, but I was a big fan of her reality show "Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood" as well as her books. I've read them all. Despite growing up rich and famous Tori still seems like a real and down-to earth person. She is also a very involved Mom who bakes for her kid's class and plants a vegetable garden with her kids. Through her shows, books and website she gives us a glimpse of her world and how she deals with a lot of the same issues lots of parents of young children go through. Of course she does it in a beautiful house and while wearing gorgeous clothes. She also has her own craft line, jewelry line, antique store, and kids clothing line. Despite the wealth of her family, she still works hard and lives a relatively normal life.

So my other Mommy crush in on Jessica Alba. She is the mother to 2 little girls, a full-fledged movie star and someone who started and runs the amazing company: Honest. What I really admire about Jessica as a Mom is that when she couldn't find eco-friendly baby products for her children, instead of giving in and using a product that was convenient and easily available, she stood by what she believed in, put her money where her mouth was, and developed her own product. She does it all and still manages to look better than ever after having 2 kids.

Looks like I have a type: creative, business-minded, successful Moms with kids close to the same age as my own kids.

So tell us, do you have a celebrity Mom crush???

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