Thursday, January 24, 2013

Movie Night Ideas

Family movie nights are a really common and easy way for your family to spend some time together. Many families have a weekly tradition of a movie night. Like with all things that are routine, my kids tend to get bored with the same old movie night.

Here are a few things you can do to make family movie night a bit more exciting...

Print up some movie tickets! How excited would your kid be to open their lunch box, or back pack on a Friday and find a movie ticket for family movie night! Don't forget to be the ticket taker at your "theater!"

Popcorn can feel more like the movie theater with these individual plastic containers. They are so cute and are really cheap and easy to find. Most $1 stores carry them. You can also put out the different types of popcorn seasoning so each person and make their popcorn they way they like it!

Here is a way to not only make movie night fun, but to get your kid to help around the house. Set up your own "Snack bar".  During the week "pay" them to do little chores around the house. Use fake money (like from monopoly) that they can use on movie night to buy, popcorn, drink, and candy. Stock up on candy and snacks that your family likes.

Remember to pick a movie that the entire family will enjoy. Keep up with HerMamas and look for our Family Movie Reviews for ideas!  Throw some pillows and blankets on the floor. Dim the lights and enjoy!

** It is a special day for HerMamas! We would like to wish our beautiful co-creator Irene Quevedo a very happy birthday! Enjoy your day Comadre. You are the fire that keeps us passionate about what we do. Your positive look on life is contagious. We wish you all the love, laughter and success in the coming year! **


  1. we do movie night every friday, and i think we are getting a little bored. i like the earning "money" idea to buy snacks at movie night. i also set up an air mattress and sun tent (it's like a tent cut in half).

    1. I love the air mattress idea! I'm sending the girls to you for a movie night!


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