Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kids Going Under the Knife to Avoid Bullying

What would you do if your child was being teased over big ears, a big nose or buck teeth? Some families are turning to plastic surgery as a solution.

A 14 year old girl from Georgia was being teased and bullied since she was 10 years old over her ears. She was called Dumbo and other horrible names. A non-profit organization called Free Baby Face Foundation stepped in. They paid over $40,000.00 for this young girl to undergo otoplasty (surgery to pin ears back) as well as a nose job. This same organization paid for a 7 year old (1st grader!) to also have otoplasty to stop the teasing she was suffering from.

The Free Baby Face Foundation has come under fire for using funds to give plastic surgery to young children to avoid bullying. These kind of organizations were founded to help children with physical deformities get the plastic surgery they need. Instead we are seeing an increase in plastic surgery in order to stop teasing and bullying.

When I first read about these parents taking such extremes to stop bullying I was outraged. First off I don't think that non-profit organizations should be spending money, that was most likely donated, for this. That money and those organizations should only use funds for legitimate physical deformities that impair a child.  I mean what kind of message does this send to our kids. Shouldn't we be teaching our children that it is in the inside that counts? Shouldn't we teach our children that looks and appearances are not important? By solving teasing with plastic surgery are we creating a generation of kids who will look at plastic surgery as commonplace as a teeth cleaning?

On the other hand I have 2 daughter. And this might not be exactly the same as big ears or nose but my oldest has always had a really bad eczema. She always has rashes over most of her body. It is noticeable. So far other kids will sometimes ask her about it, but she hasn't been teased about it. But I know that most likely, that day is coming. Just the idea of my little girl being tormented by other kids for something she was born with is heartbreaking. If there was a cosmetic surgery that could stop it I have to admit, I would look into it.

Voice your opinion! What do you think about this new trend?


  1. I've heard of something similar to this before, and like you, I was kind of disgusted at first. I pray that I can raise my kids to love themselves, but when the bullying gets so bad... I don't know. I am hopeful that people will start raising their children to not hurt others because they're different. After all, most kids don't judge like that, so they're learning the behavior somewhere...

  2. I don’t really like the idea of plastic surgery for children but I can see why parents may go to these lengths to protect their children. I mean, who wants their kids to be bullied and we as parents will do just about anything to protect our babies! I worry about my kids being bullied since I have already seen and heard them talk about it. My oldest is 7 years old and is a little overweight. She has been called fat, kids say she has a big stomach and she is already asking me if certain clothes make her look fat :( All I can do is just reassure her she is beautiful no matter what and to try to ignore all those other kids. But it breaks my heart to hear her at such a young age to be so worried about her weight. I have also witnessed my youngest daughter who is 5 years old being made fun of by other 5 years old because she is different(she is intellectually delayed). And even though she does not really understand or know what’s going on I fear for her future and what may come as she gets older. I totally agree with Rosie that these young kids don’t judge and that they learn it from others(adults and older kids) and it’s up to us to role model for our kids so that they will remember to be kind to others no matter how different they may be.


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