Friday, January 11, 2013

Classic Movie Review: Home Alone (1990)

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First up: Home Alone

When I mention Home Alone to friends I grew up with they almost always begin quoting their favorite lines and even start reenacting hilarious scenes. I mean who doesn't remember the iconic bathroom scene when Macaulay Culkin (Kevin McCallister) slaps aftershave on both cheeks and screams his little heart out? If there's one thing your kids will love about Home Alone it's all the silly screaming, wiggling and yelling from little Kevin McCallister. 

Rating/Content: This movie is best for kids who are about 7 or older.  If you're starting to venture beyond rated-G like is the case with my little guy (6 1/2 y.o.), there's quite a bit of sibling rivalry and name-calling in this one, so be warned. I think this film and it's rating (PG) gives parents a great chance to talk about how we should treat each other, what should happen if your child ever is caught home alone (though that accidentally happening is a stretch), or how to handle situations where kids might feel unsafe (like in the climax of this film). No spoilers here, but in a wacky turn of events Kevin has to defend himself from "bad guys!" Kids will love these final scenes that make this silly movie a fun adventure!

Kid Reviews: 
Sophia (Age 7): "This is a really good movie to watch with your family!" 
Her favorite part: "All the screaming!"

Isaiah (Age 6): "I like how the boy (Kevin) wished for his family and nothing else from Santa!"
His favorite part: "Glue landing on the "bad" guy's face!"

Mom Review
"Kids will laugh out loud during many moments in this film. There's also such a sweet underlining message about family and not taking our parents/siblings for granted. It's quite funny for a completely unrealistic premise (I hope). Overall, this is definitely one of those classic movies that everyone in the family will enjoy. Rent it tonight!"

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