Friday, January 18, 2013

Am I the Only One Dealing with This? - A Guest Post by Carissa G.

Today we are celebrating our 100th post on! 
We are celebrating with a guest post from Carissa G. all about raising a teen girl!

You have this cute, sweet, precious daughter who gets bigger every year. Then somewhere around 11 she starts to have an attitude, or wants to wear inappropriate clothes. Then at 12, maybe she gets her period, then the attitude gets worse every day! Now at 13 you see the mood swings and wonder, am I the only one going through this?

With the kids back at school after winter break I finally had a chance to get a haircut last Thursday. My hairstylist was chatty, which I like. We got to talking and both of us have 13 year old girls (even born the same month). Everything she said about her daughter, I could relate to. Everything I said about my daughter, she could relate to. Of course the topic of hair came up. While my daughter has medium length brown wavy hair, her daughter has long straight blond hair. Both girls want something different than what they have. The shorts they want to wear are too short,  like inappropriately short! They both say that it is "in style" and "everyone wears them". (Not everyone, not our daughters) Shoe obsessions are also big. My daughter is constantly trying to get me to buy her, or let her buy, heels. My hair stylist's daughter is more into tennis shoes such as DC’s and sparkly Sperrys and has about 20 pairs. Our daughters both got gift cards to shop for Christmas because that’s all they want. If we pick out the clothes they won’t like them. 

My stylist brought up how she feels like she constantly has to “entertain” her daughter by taking her places. (She also has a 16 year old step son and he can keep himself entertained for a week. As long as he has food, phone, and video games he is good.) I get the “what are we doing today/this weekend?” from my daughter all the time. And these girls don’t eat! Breakfast is forced on them and they call a bag of chips lunch. Don’t they ever get hungry?

Most of my friends and family have kids that are a lot younger than my teenager, if they have kids at all. It was nice to be able to talk to someone who was going through the same things and having the same issues I have with my daughter. I am NOT the only one, and all of these things are normal for a 13 year old girl. It will be interesting to see the difference between a 13 year old girl and 13 year old boy when my twins are
that age. Now to get prepared for dating, driving, and curfews!

- Carissa Gomez is a wife and mother of 3 kids. Her oldest daughter is 13 and she has 6 year old boy and girl twins. She earned her degree in early childhood development from Cal State Northridge. She is the ultimate middle child and as a kid used to sleepwalk throughout the house in the middle of the night.

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  1. Great piece Carissa! Thanks for sharing your story with us! My kids are a few years from their teens but already bicker like crazy. I often wonder how we'll get through the teen years sanely, lol. Thanks again for sharing!


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