Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Always a Bridesmaid - Guest Post by Diana Rasbot

With summer around the corner, wedding-planning season is in full effect. At Hermamas.com we wanted to feature one young woman's journey to the alter, but just when we thought we were going to read about cake tastings and dress fittings, we come to find out that above all wedding-planning comes down to friendships and a support system (oh, and a whole lot of dresses too).
Here's Diana's Story:

When I was asked to contribute to HerMamas.com to talk about my journey as a bride, I couldn’t help but think about how I’ve also enjoyed my journey as a bridesmaid. If you were to look in my closet right now you’d see a David’s Bridal explosion! Dresses in all hues from classic black, navy, purple, poolteal, horizon, olive – you name it, I probably have it. It’s such a beautiful thing, and quite an honor to be a part of someone’s big day. And as a bridesmaid and Maid of Honor I’ve made it my mission to make the bride feel she is having the most amazing day of her life.

Three of my dearest friends, friends I met through Hermanas Unidas at UCLAgot engaged shortly after my November 2011 engagement. It was a domino effect: I got engaged before Thanksgiving, my friend got engaged just a few days later, my other friend got engaged on Christmas and my other friend on New Year’s Eve. You can imagine our excitement. Now, while every girl wants to be the center of attention during this journey, I didn’t experience that with my girls. In fact, I was beyond ecstatic that we were all going to be on this amazing roller coaster of love. So much that I’ve asked all three to be my bridesmaids and I too will get to be a part of their weddings.

Now I won’t lie to you; being a part of multiple weddings including my own is making for a very stressful 2013, but when you do things with love, everything falls into place. In the midst of my own wedding planning I’ve managed to help my Hermanas plan their beautiful weddings. From color considerations to venue recommendations, to becoming a sounding board when they need to vent, I’m trying to be there for them every step of the way, including pointing out any bridezilla moments that come along the way. Just because I’m a bride doesn’t mean I’m going to let my duties as a bridesmaid and Maid of Honor falter. My bridesmaids have been helping me along the way too, while my Maid of Honor has gone above and beyond to make my wedding day dreams come true.

As my wedding date approaches, there is just one more, very important dress I need to add to the David’s Bridal collection in my closet. I have yet to find my perfect gown, but I know that come September, with my MOH and bridesmaids standing beside me, I too, will have the most amazing day of my life.  And while I’m always a bridesmaid… this year I also get to be a bride.

Diana Rasbot is a UCLA and USC alum currently working for Univision. 
She loves reading, all-things-fashion, and taking pictures of her dog. 
Right now Diana is busy planning her September 2013 nuptials.
  Comment below and share your wedding-planning stories with us. Feel free to include "bridezilla tendencies" or "funny" wedding mishaps as a bridesmaid (or bride).

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  1. Fantastic read Diana! I love that you have such a positive outlook on what could have been an extremely overwhelming year. The excitement you have for your friends just jumps off the page. There's clearly a reason you've been a bridesmaid so many times -- your friendship and support is priceless!


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