Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Goal Setting

Happy New Year!

Here at HerMamas.com we hope you enjoyed ringing in the new year! For my family, the new year included a spontaneous trip to Las Vegas all so my 6 year old could "stay in a hotel, eat all-you-can-eat shrimp and play arcades!" His words not mine. But seriously one of the highlights of a long drive from So. Cal to Vegas is being able to set goals with the entire family. We decided to use this travel time to devise a plan of action for the upcoming year that included input from our oldest. One day our annual discussion will also incorporate our 1 and 2 year old, but for now I'm sure the plan for them is frequent diaper changes and Dora the Explorer on repeat.

Before speaking with our son about goal setting my husband and I first set aside time to talk about the upcoming year and what we'd like to accomplish. Goal-setting "retreats" for couples can be as simple as spending an afternoon together talking and writing, but it's hugely impactful. It's also a wonderful way to reflect on the the year that is coming to a close.

Last year, my goals were simple, improve upon my parenting/marital skills, lose a ton of weight, get promoted and start a blog. Now I look back and POOF - all of those things were accomplished, some easier than others, but all happened. I'm confident that is because I planned for it to happen and planned on HOW to make it happen. Now, I didn't accomplish all of my goals, so some especially financial goals will carry over onto the next year.

In a nutshell, when setting goals the simplest plan is to write down your goals/desires (concise sentences with specific what, how and by when wording). These can be in any area that you'd like to improve professionally, personally, spiritually and beyond. The next step is to develop your how-to plan as meticulously as you'd like, but do know that a few simple sentences on a piece of paper you read everyday is all you need.

In my marriage my husband is a self-professed geek, so some years we've goal set to the max which included multiple categories, a month-to-month breakdown, spreadsheets and financial projections, but again it doesn't have to be this complex. In fact, I prefer to keep it simple. What matters is that you stick to the plan you've devised. If you're saving a dollar amount per month, make it realistic and save it. If you want to work out three times per week, get off the couch and work. Find inspiration to stick to it, but just do it!

A critical step is to check back on your goals often. I'd suggest reading them daily, but once monthly is fine too. Check-in in order to stay accountable. Say, you want to save for a vacation. Figure out when that vacation is, the cost, the time you have to save and how much you will save. Believe me, if you must save a dollar amount monthly and want to stick to it you're more likely to stick to it and work towards it if you've read your goal daily. You're less likely to spend money on Starbucks and an Egg McMuffin everyday when what you really want is a dream vacation to Italy where you'd sip on a cappuccino and yummy cannoli.

So get to brainstorming with the whole family, dream about what you want to accomplish, write those goals down (or make vision boards - featuring these in an upcoming post) and revisit these often in order to accomplish big things in 2013!

What do you want to accomplish in 2013? Share your dreams with us by commenting below.

Have fun & good luck! May your 2013 be filled w/ success after success.


  1. Love this idea! And so does my hubby. Our goals will consist of getting our finances in order, more quality family time(less tv time), and more d.ate nights ;)

  2. Hi Irene, thanks for this inspiring blog :) I'm looking forward to seeing your 2013 vision board.

    Bebe D


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