Monday, December 31, 2012

Top 5 Time Wasters of 2012

Even with our busy schedules we manage to still waste a lot of time. Thanks to on-demand television, smart phones and tablets we find ourselves spending more and more time wasting time.

Here are the top 5 time wasters of 2012:
  1. Reality Television-  The amount of space in my brain that is filled with Kardashian knowledge is embarrassing. My daily motivation to workout is the 2 different episodes of TMZ that I watch while on the elliptical. I have overheard conversations where I thought women were talking about actual friends to realize that they were discussing the Real Housewives of Somewhere or Other. Thanks to channels like Bravo and TLC, I have could spend an entire day watching reality TV. You better Redneck-anize!
  2.  Twitter- You start a Twitter account and the next thing you know you are following 534 people and your twitter feed is out of control. It now takes a good 45 minutes to read each and every tweet and check out each and every twit-pic. Then an hour later there are another 1342 tweets to read. Not to mention the time it takes to write, edit and send out a tweet about how cold it is in your office. 
  3. Facebook- Now I have to admit that this is my worst time waster. I love Facebook. It makes me feel like I can stay connected to my family and friends. But I waste so much time refreshing my screen to see if someone posted a new photo or status update. And if a friend is on a trip and posting photos then it's even worse. Oh and don't forget to like us on Facebook!
  4. Pinterest- When Pinterest first came out I thought the idea was kind of dumb. Just posting pictures of things people have already posted. Now over 1000 pins later I am hooked. It is a great place to find recipes, craft and decorating ideas. But there is an endless amount of inspiration. I have spent way too many hours searching for mermaid decor for my bathroom. If I spent that much time actually working on my bathroom it wouldn't look the exact same way it did when we moved in 9 years ago.
  5. Instagram- this application changed the way people took photos with their camera phones. Now instead of just a photo of their lunch, its a photo of their lunch in a cool filter. It can be shared with millions with the push of a button. And not just shared on Instagram but on Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr and Flickr. There are days when I see the same picture by the same person 5 different times. Despite this repetition I still find myself scrolling through my Instagram about 5 times a day. I also find myself stopping everything to Instagram the rainbow I saw in the parking lot.

I am the first to admit that I am pretty hooked on all these time wasters. They make me feel connected to the world. As a full-time working Mom of 2 it allows me to live vicariously through my family and friends.

So tell us what were your big time wasters of 2012? 

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