Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Ellen Show's 12 Days of Giveaways: there's still a chance for YOU to win too!

Arriving to the Studios

Back in May I was a guest on the Ellen Show (thanks to my 13 year old niece)! That show was amazing and just when I was coming down from the high of so much laughter, dancing, and expecting to win some neat giveaway; Ellen announces that she'd like to have THE WHOLE AUDIENCE back for 12 days of giveaways (1 of her 12 holiday giveaway shows). If Ellen's show ever revealed this behind the scene's moment you'd think we'd all just won cars or something. It was absolute madness. I suppose it was a glimpse of what was to come!

This photo doesn't do the stage justice, so make sure to tune in for the real deal!
On Monday, Dec. 3rd I got my chance to experience a once in a lifetime adventure! Now some might think, "Well can't you just buy whatever it is you win?" But where's the fun in that and if there's one thing that's fun... that's the one hour tapping of the ELLEN SHOW (which is actually a day-long experience).

Some of the highlights:
  • Ellen Show brownies: these monsters are the best in town.
  • Getting to ride around in golf carts while we tour the amazing Warner Bros. studios: During both of our visits we watched an advanced movie screening which entails being carted-around!
  • The soundtrack: holiday music is blaring, but also a ton of great music by the "house" DJ Tony! Dancing is a HUGE part of the Ellen Show and my niece and I make a great duo. We were even called out by the hype man who said, "now, these girls are fantastic - do this everybody!" Yea, I guess I still have it :)
  • The Giveaways, obviously: There's always a GAG, so you're truly surprised when the gifts roll out!
  • The big reveal: Huge wrapped gifts/boxes are wheeled out and the audiences' prizes are revealed ONE BY ONE! The energy during this moment is out of this world!
  • THE CROWD'S REACTION: Now this has to be the BEST part - everyone going wild over giveaways with so much excitement, hysteria, and a little outrageous-ness too! I'm a very energetic freak, so you'll hopefully get to see my crazy reactions unfold when you tune in!
All checked in and ready to WIN!
On that note, I haven't revealed too many specifics because I'd like to invite you to check out the actual episode today at 4pm on Channel 4 (Los Angeles Listing)! Watching the show will reveal exactly what we won and HOW! Don't miss it!

But on an even better note: there's still a chance for YOU to win too! The Ellen Show has contests happening everyday so viewers at home can win whatever was featured on that day's show, so follow her on instagram or visit the show's website for those details and GOOD LUCK!

Toys for Tots
By the way, my 13 year old niece who signed us up for tickets didn't actually get to go to any of the shows because she had to be over 14, but after our big winnings she's headed on a $300.00 shopping spree (sponsored by those of us that did go because of her)! Isn't the CYCLE of giving great? It's so great our show's audience was able to donate to Hurricane Sandy Relief and Toys for Tots during our visit. To me the ability to give back while on the show made the experience truly fulfilling! Generosity is a sweet, sweet gift that all can enjoy! So catch today's ELLEN show and experience the   giving, the dancing and all the neat surprises this momma just experienced! And don't forget to enter for your chance to win!

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  1. If I was at Ellen Id want to win a wardrobe ;) Im a Mom after all!

  2. Just watched the show and felt so excited for u I almost cried! Lol if I was on The Ellen show, a clothing shopping spree would be nice or camcorder to record all our memories ;)

    1. Wasnt it so exciting to see Irene on TV!!!

    2. Jackie you can win too! Enter her contests everyday! Thanks for catching the show! It was pretty emotional for me thinking about buying my kids those 300 bucks in toys as she suggested!


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