Thursday, December 6, 2012

Juggling a Career (and all the other stuff) - We Want to Hear from YOU.

All moms work. Some work in an office, some work at home, some work 70 hour weeks, while others work part-time, some make the big bucks and others volunteer their time. Whatever they do, they have to find the best way to juggle it all.

In this series we are going to have different moms in different careers give us at HerMamas a look into how they juggle all their responsibilities.

First up......
Irene Q.

As a working mom, I've been struck by the typical ups and downs of having to balance my relationship, career and family. One area where I've found a sense of balance is in my line of work. Now like parenting, what I've chosen as a career isn't always glamorous, but it makes me feel great and there are plenty of perks! 

I work for a small non-profit. My office is small enough that there's a lot of support in a very team-oriented setting. The leadership is clear that there should be a healthy work/life balance.  And more importantly, I work with youth in a position to empower them which is truly fulfilling. All in all, my career works for me even though it does entail being a very busy momma! And truthfully, I've been to the point where I feel guilty for being away at work missing critical moments with my children!

In fact, I know a lot of moms have mentioned experiencing mother's guilt because of the career they've chosen. Say they're in a career that is particularly demanding, yet it's rewarding. It's hard to turn away from professional fulfillment but sometimes even harder to be away from your children. 

So HerMamas how did you pick your career and how do you make it ALL work?

And for our awesome non-moms & mothers-to-be how have you gone about deciding on a career path that might allow you to juggle it all while staying true to what is fulfilling to YOU?


  1. I chose my career based on wanting to help people. I work for non-profit mental health agency. I love the youth I work with, although difficult at times, they keep me young. I learn new slang words all the time lol. And like most moms would, I hate being away from my kiddos! The great thing about the agency I work for is they are so flexible with my schedule. I'm able to make all my daughters Dr appointment, school meetings, sick days, late mornings, etc. I sometimes think about changing agencies for better pay but don't want to loose the perks to my job. More time with my lil ones is worth more :) As far as balance...there's days where I'm on top of it other days i turn to my hobby or Nick Jr lol

    1. *hubby not hobby lol

    2. haha Jackie! I totally related to "hobby".

    3. HAHA! My hobby is my husband!


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