Wednesday, December 12, 2012

IUD Issues

After my second daughter was born it was time to think about birth control. My husband and I knew that we didn't want another baby right away. In fact we were not sure if we would do the whole pregnancy thing ever again. But we were not 100% sure we were done.

I have been on birth control on and off since I was 14 years old. In the past I had done birth control pills for most of my teens and early 20's. After my first daughter I used the Nuva Ring for about a year. Now that I was a 30-something Mom of 2, I knew that remembering to take a pill everyday and finding time to get the prescription refilled every month was going to be a challenge.  I loved the Nuva ring, but with the health insurance I had, it was going to be pricey. I started researching different types of birth control. I needed....
  • Something that I did not have to remember to take daily
  • Something that was long-term
  • Something that I could stop or remove if we wanted to have another child
  • Something that was cheap
After reading articles, talking with friends and with my gynecologist, I decided that the IUD was the best way to go. It met all my requirements and I was told it had little to no side effects. I had to get the hormone IUD because my doctor did not use the non-hormonal type, but he assured me that none of his patients ever had any issues.

That was almost 2 years ago and since then I have experienced the following:
  • I was told my periods would lighten and eventually go away. HAHAHA! Not for me. About 6 months into having the IUD I had a heavy period, for 3 months straight. No joke. According to my doctor this can be a side effect. 
  • My normal cycles are very irregular. Instead of a 28-day cycle, mine went from 35-50 day cycles. Now with my IUD I have a 14-day cycle. I am on my period every 2 weeks.
  • Instead of a lighter flow I have a super heavy flow.
  • I had never had cramps before and now it feels like there is a war going on in my uterus every 2 weeks!
  • PMS! I have become the stereotypical woman who goes crazy during "her time". I am pretty mild mannered and laid back but when I am PMS-ing everything people say annoys me. Okay not people, but mostly my husband. It is a real change in my personality and I don't like it. 

So why after all this do I continue with my IUD. Well to be honest I am cheap. The IUD cost me a total of $20.00 for 5 years of birth control. And it is effective. My husband and I have given ourselves a few more years to decide if we want to add to our family. 

When we are 100% certain we are done having kids, I will schedule his vasectomy.    


  1. Amen to his vasectomy--you're doing all the hard work now! :) I can't wait until after I have the baby and my doc wants to have the birth control talk with me. After the issues I had with Yasmin and the VERY FEW people I know personally that have actually had *good* experiences with any type of hormonal birth won't be happening for us.


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