Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Gifts - How much is it too much?

It happens so fast. I start each holiday season with a reasonable list - maybe 3 or 4 things for each kid. Then while shopping I find something my oldest daughter would just love. So I buy it for her and then to be fair I have to add another gift to my youngest daughters list. Then I stress out and think "Is 4 presents enough?"  The next thing I know there are 32 gifts under the tree just for the kids. A few big ticket items and lots of smaller things.

I try so hard to keep the list short and to fill it with things that the kids need. We even try to keep it toy-free. Then there is something that creeps in when I am shopping. This is horrible to admit but I kind of feel that the more gifts I give to my kids, the better parent I am. The happier my kids are on Christmas morning is determined by how many gifts they get to open.


As a parent I do my best to teach my kids the true meaning of the holidays, to teach the lesson that it is "better to give than to receive." Yet I was stressing myself (and my bank account) out with my ever-growing shopping list. And then year after year I have to keep topping myself.

This needs to stop. I am sending mixed messages to my kids by telling them the season is about giving and then buying them a truck load of gifts. As a parent I want to buy my children everything their heart desires. But how much is too much?

We want to hear from you about this topic......

Do you have a "game plan" when it comes to buying holiday gifts for the children in your life?
 Do you make sure that everything is fair and even? 

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  1. So I can completely relate HerMama. I was shopping online for EXTENDED family last night. Tell me why of 25 gifts 5 were for my oldest and only 1 for every other person on the list? I have to get this thing under control, after all, I do have three kids now. But like you said, small items just add up.... In fact, none were actually TOYS! That makes me feel a little better.

  2. I can completely relate to the wanting your kids to have it all and getting carried away but I normally try to top it at 4-5 gifts each with 1 of those being a big gift and I do 3-4 shared gifts that usually restocks their art supplies (paint, play-doh, markers, etc). The reason I actually limit gifts now is b/c 2 years ago I went crazy over them and I think it was so much that they totally didn't appreciate the gifts. I think when its limited they get more excited over the gifts they do get. Something I started last year is that they make a gift for every person in our family...this is a CRAZY challenge and I'm usually pulling my hair out over it but while we are making gifts (last year they were hand painted wooden ornaments)I talk to them about how happy they are going to make grandma or aunty with their gift and talk to them about the happiness they will derive in making others happy. =)

    1. Oh Summer I so understand what you are saying about going overboard and the kids not appreciating it. I mean really 2 or 3 gifts is plenty and they should appreciate anything they get.

  3. This year I'm sticking to 4 gifts each: 2 from Santa, 1 from mom and dad and 1 from sister. I struggle with presents for my oldest(step daughter), she has Xmas eve with her mom and gets soo many gifts and than comes with us and gets more gifts. So now shes expecting just as many gifts she gets with her mom...which is way too many if u ask me. So this year its just 4...I don't want her to get wrong message abt Xmas. But it is really hard not to go over board!

    1. Isn't it hard to not go overboard. I would say we have about half our shopping done. I am going to try really hard to stick to my list and only my list. Now if I can get my husband to do the same. He is the worst when it comes to spoiling the kids.


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