Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Voting Day! Why I take my kids with me to the polls.

It is the big day. Election day is here and people all over the country are heading to the polls to cast their votes. When I head out to the polls I like to bundle up my kids and take them with me. This may seem like a hassle but I do have my reasons.....

  • The old people that work the polls gush all over the kids.
  • I remember being so nervous the first time I voted. I had never been inside a polling place and had no idea how anything worked. I want my kids to be familiar with the process. 
  • I want my kids to become adults who vote. I want them to know that my voice, their Dad's voice and when it's time, their voices can be heard. And in order for them to be a voter they need to see me be a voter.
  • I want my kids to know that they can make a difference and be a part of our government. They can even run for office if they want to. 
  • I want my kids to not just read about democracy in books, but see it in action. 
  • My kids love stickers. Even "I Voted" stickers.

If you take your kids or go alone, 

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