Friday, November 30, 2012

Vaccinations... Yea or Nay?

So many different opinions this day in age about vaccinations. Parents can decide to not administer them at at all, wait until their child is older, proceed as recommended or simply space shots out.

In the past, my own opinion was to proceed as usual which has been a debate in my home since my husband is practically against cough syrup. With that being said, we skip out on flu shots most years, but when it comes to vaccinations, I typically went ahead with the schedule my doctor recommended.

However, after our last round of "12-monthers" I'd like to now space any future vaccines my children need. My son recently had 6 shots administered during one visit. With him being my third child, I assumed I'd done that for the others and proceeded. I agreed to 6 shots thinking it would help him to be done with what seems like "torture" for those few minutes, but after the fact, I realized how hard it was on him. To be honest, I hated the whole idea of having to hold him down & watch him be injected 6 separate times. When are we going to advance the science of vaccines that they are given in oral form and 100% safe? That would be ideal! 

Until then, when it comes to vaccinations, it's your call as a parent, but this mom likes the idea of spacing.

We recommend a discussion with your doctor where you get to ask questions before any vaccines are considered and then choose a route you're comfortable with. We asked our readers their opinions and we got a wide range of answers....
  • Administer as recommended. They're essential and research doesn't support skipping out on shots for the true benefit of your child's health.
  • Space out vaccinations (only two-to-three per visit)
  • Make sure your child isn't ill at the time of administration
  • Watch for fevers or other reactions post shots 
  • Wait until your child is older or do not administer vaccines at all. Now with all the recent buzz about the idea that vaccines may be linked to autism (for instance), I see why immunizations can feel scary.
As parents, we'll all make plenty of decisions like whether to vaccinate or not and should have faith that what we choose is best for our child's well-being, but always make sure to touch base with your pediatrician about your options. In fact, below you'll find a basic vaccination schedule to consider researching before the actual appointments. With everything medical, there are are often risks and side effects to consider. Knowing facts prior to an appointment prepares you to ask better questions once in front of your child's doctor:

Comment and tell us what's your take on vaccinations?

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  1. Spacing them out is a good idea, in my opinion. The 12 month shots are the worst, in my experience.


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