Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dia De Los Muertos

The holidays are officially in full swing! 
Today starts the Dia De Los Muertos festivities! 

 Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Day) is a traditional Mexican holiday and it is celebrated November 1-2. Its roots can be traced back to indigenous times. This holiday is sometimes confused as Mexican Halloween, but this is not correct. Dia De los Muertos is a beautiful family holiday.

Here are a few fun facts about this holiday:
  • It is a time for family and friends to gather together to pray/honor/celebrate family and friends who have passed on. 
  • Marigolds are used to decorate because they are known as the "Flor de Muerto" or the flower of the dead.  

  • Traditionally, celebrations are held in cemeteries where gravestones are decorated. 
  • Today altars are made in homes and at festivals. Personal altars are made using photographs of deceased family members and friends. Along with the pictures people place items that the deceased enjoy. Maybe they liked sunflower seeds or a certain candy or even a nice cold beer, anything that will remind you and bring back good memories. 

  • The Calavera (skeleton) has become a symbol of Dia De Los Muertos. Sugar skulls are made and decorted with bright colors with the name of the deceased on the forehead. 
  • Many people like to celebrate and paint their faces white and other bright colored make-up to look like a Calavera. 

  • Pan Muerto (Bread of the Dead) is a common treat. This is a sweet egg bread is made into different shapes with "bone" like shapes on top. 

You can start your own family Dia De Los Muertos tradition by building your own altar in your home. Or even making and decorating your own sugar skulls. Click here for the recipe.

Do you celebrate Dia De Los Muertos in your home? What are your traditions?

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