Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Countdown to the Holidays

In our house we celebrate Christmas. As soon as the calendar turns to December, I am bombarded with "How many days until Christmas?" A few years ago I came up with a way to deal with the constant question.   Something that would give my kids a visual of exactly how many days until Santa touches down.

The Advent Calendar originally began in Germany as a way to countdown to December 24th. This was exactly what I needed. You can find the cardboard kind with a chocolate behind to door at most craft stores. I know my kids don't need anymore candy, and they would not do well with having to share one piece of candy so I do something a little bit different.

You can find many good templates by searching "free printable advent calendar." Now you can get creative. It is what is behind the "doors" that you can really personalize.

Here are a few ideas...
  • put a family photo behind each door
  • leave a love note for your children
  • leave a fun Christmas fact behind the door
  • add a positive quote for the day
  • add a daily holiday activity (this is what I'm doing this year!)
So tell us.
 How do you countdown for the holidays? 


  1. Advent calendars are a nice idea. My kids haven't been overly anxious about Christmas (yet). They were excited about Thanksgiving because their grandparents came for a visit.

    1. How sweet! This idea of counting down with something the kids can look at is great for anything. I will do the construction paper link chains for an upcoming birthday or last day of school or days until vacation.

  2. We got to open a mini present every day until Christmas, inside was an ornament to hang on our mini Christmas tree, we would take turns, but we were older


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