Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Benefits of Family Dinner

In a generation where kids have busier calendars than most adults, sit-down family dinners can be a challenge! Yet committing to this nightly routine has its benefits. Family dinner is a special time for families to partake in any of their usual rituals such as cooking together, prayer or a simple Q & A about their day. Also, eating at home is so much cheaper than eating out and less chaotic than most restaurant runs!

WebMD summarized it well:
Benefits of frequent family dinners:
  • Everyone eats healthier meals 
  • Kids are less likely to become overweight or obese.
    • So true since we're not having the common french fries as a side dish or eating such large portions.
  • Kids more likely to stay away from cigarettes, less likely to drink alcohol or try marijuana and less likely to use illicit drugs.
    • Seems like kids just feel free to make better decisions because they're feeling more connected through family time and discussions like those held around the dinner table.
  • School grades will be better, you and your kids will talk more and you're more likely to hear about a serious problem. Kids will feel like you're proud of them. There will be less stress and tension at home.
In the end, the simple ritual of family dinner leads to increased health, communication and connection among families! So pile up the frozen pre-made dinners, stick to your favorite recipes, order take out, eat earlier or later than usual, but make the time for this nightly routine and watch the benefits unfold.

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