Friday, October 12, 2012

Teaching Your Kids What To Do in an Emergency

Emergency situations are things we hope never happen, but still something we should be prepared for. This includes your children. It is important that your kids know what to do in an emergency. The goal is to prepare your kids without scaring them or worrying them.

 Here are a few tips...

  • Know how to use your cell phone: All cell phones are a little different. Make sure your child knows how to open, unlock and dial your phone. 
  • Their full name and address: Most parents have a pet name for their children and hardly ever use their full name. In an emergency your child needs to know their full name and home address. 
  • Family full name: Your child most likely calls you Mom, Dad, Grandma, but they should know what your and your family members full names are. If they get lost at a store and they ask your child "What's your Mom's name?" and they say "Mom" it makes finding you more difficult. 
  • How to and when to dial 911.  Make sure your child knows what constitutes an emergency and what doesn't.  
  • When your kids are older they can take a CPR class with the Red Cross. 
Emergency situations can be scary and stressful for everyone. Being prepared can make a big difference. 

Leave a comment and share your tips on how to teach your children about what to do in an emergency. 

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