Tuesday, October 30, 2012

So your friend's a 1st time mom? Don't fret! There's still a place for you in her life!

Oh those wonderful carefree days when life was just about you and your girlfriends! If your posse of single gal-pals was anything like mine, you probably spent plenty of days shopping, holidays vacationing and weekends partying! Life didn't revolve around a spouse let alone a child! But then there's that very likely
shift! At some point, some of your girlfriends become 1st time moms! Things will clearly change in your friendship, but they should change for the better!

Your girlfriend, now new mom, is bound to change. Her life's focus has radically shifted and as much as she'd like to continue to be wild, crazy, and free - she's become a mommy! Most of her late-night "action" will come from round-the-clock feedings, crap-infested diaper changes, sleepless nights, tender baby kisses and a whole lot more!

We asked a trusted gal pal to share her tips with us and this is what Ami, a successful, gorgeous, city dwelling single friend had to say about adjusting to the inevitable changes that result when a non-mom friend becomes a mommy!

Ami has 3 great pieces of advice...
  1. Adjust your expectations!: When before you could call your friend at 2 am and they would be there for you within the hour, that's just not realistic anymore. You just can't expect them to be "on call" for you. This does not mean that they don't care or want to hang out anymore. They still want you in their life but you have to adjust and be realistic in your expectations on their time. 
  2. Be Supportive: Your friend's issues and problems are not going to be the same. When before they may have called crying over a man, now they may call crying over breastfeeding issues. You may not completely understand what they are going through, but just be there to listen. It can also be great lessons for your future. 
  3. Time Management: Your friends still want to hang out but for them carving time out is tough. Trips to the mall on a whim are probably not going to happen anymore, but you can schedule a coffee date. Just because it seems like they don't have time, doesn't mean they won't move things around to find an hour or so to hang out with you. So don't forget to ask them to schedule something with you!
Thanks for these great tips Ami! And thank you to the BFFs out there continuing to support each other through any endeavor in life! As women, we're all carving out a piece of the world just for us! That can be as a full-time stay-at-home mom, a driven single and strong career women, or a traveling carefree spirit! Wherever life takes you it sure is sweeter to journey there with friends! So stay connected however possible even through the crazy adjustments of life, the miles between you and the diaper changes that might seem to divide you! 

We'd love to hear from you!

Comment below & tell us how you adjusted to friendships after single friends became 1st time moms!

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