Friday, October 19, 2012

So they grow up fast, so what?

"... as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be!"
As a momma there's something I hear a lot, "ENJOY IT, they grow up too fast!" That's probably one of the most overused statements among parents. I usually sighed at the thought of it. I've sat there worried about the moving clock and how quickly every second of my children's lives escape me! Instead of being present, somehow I'm already sad that the moment is gone. So my 6 year old can tie his shoelaces WITHOUT me, my two year old screams at the top of her lungs so I DON'T buckle her car seat because "she can" and my baby boy is days away from walking, but why should those moments of their independence sadden me?

Love you forever  - Book by Robert Munsch
There's such joy in their little victories and the speed of their developments. Just last night my son was explaining to me what it means to have a girlfriend. It was innocent and he didn't really get it, but in that second, suddenly I caught a glimpse of my sweet 6 year old being 16 and telling me all about his girlfriend and how cute she is. I suddenly got a glimpse of how cool his teenage years will be, how awesome it'll feel to drop him off at his college dorm or have him sit us down to tell us he wants to get married or is about to become a father! 

Those special moments are out there just waiting to happen and no matter how fast the clock moves, as they grow up, I don't completely lose. There is still so much to ENJOY! The enjoyment doesn't end because that "fun" child stage does. I intend to enjoy every single stage of my children's lives and I'm sure those will be fun too. I look forward to developing three adult friendships! I can't wait for the interesting conversations about life, its journey and even the heartbreaks along the way. Well, surely I can wait! But I no longer let "enjoy it, they grow up fast" sadden me! So, they'll no longer be babies, but they'll always be my children! And as much as I adore loving all over my chubby-cheeked, bright-eyed tribe, I am also looking forward to leading them into adulthood! I am looking forward to those moments when they get to teach me about the world and share it all with their dear old mom who is also growing up too fast.

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