Thursday, October 4, 2012

Introducing: Elisa Jimenez

Q and A with our Hermana: Belen Bernal Jimenez 

Q: HaU chapter?
A:  HaU UCSB/ Class of 2003

Q: Where does your daughter's name come from?
A: The name Elisa comes from the biblical name Elizabeth and means consecrated to God.

Q: Best part of Labor? Worst Part? Funniest part?
A: Best part of labor was when the doctor brought Elisa close to me for the first time; and when I called her name gently she stopped crying. I was very happy to see she recognized my voice as I had many times called her by name in conversation with her while in my womb. Worst part: Those contractions! Funniest part: When my husband Juan was counting from 1 to 10 while I pushed...and I said to him "you're counting to slow"... we both laughed because we both realized at that moment that he was not. 

Q: What's it like finally having her home?
A: As we left the hospital a couple of days after Elisa's birth, I was overwhelmed with joy to sit with her in the back seat and watch her "enjoy" her first ride home. My thoughts were about how miraculous being a Mother is, as we are Blessed to create a little person in our own bodies! I was present to the miracle of life and love as a mother for the first time. Of course I knew this at the hospital, but given the interruption from nurses, doctors, etc. I hadn't been able to fully allow myself to experience what I was already feeling. Very beautiful.

Q: Biggest change since her birth?
A: Less sleep indeed, along with no longer being out of the house in "see you in 15 minutes". Time is now determined on whether Elisa is awake, needs a diaper change, etc. I've learned to appreciate this time which has slowed my pace and have accepted I can't "do it all"... for example prior to Elisa being with us, I would always have to have the house in order and organized. Well I'd rather spend time giving the attention my baby needs from me than worry over whether the living room is perfectly organized. Not to say the house isn't clean...but you get my point. And of course it has also meant that Daddy partakes in more house chores...which leads to the next question. 

Q: How's daddy holding up?
A: Daddy is holding up just fine. I have seen a side of Juan that is very loving and protective as a Father. It may be that as Mother's we have that instinct of knowing when something is working or not with our babies, so I tend to be more calm when the baby cries and think, does she need a diaper change, is she hungry, does she need to burp? While Daddy takes it to the next level by worrying over whether we should take her to a doctor, are we doing things "right" etc... besides that he is very happy to see Elisa resembles him. He wasn't too excited about additional chores...but hey we gotta do this! 

Q: Advice for other soon to be mommies?
A:  Advice for other Mommies is that as soon as the baby is in your arms, everyone will have an opinion about how you should hold, feed, wrap, change etc... your baby. Everyone will predict why your baby is crying, sleeping, sighing...LOL! It can become a little frustrating to listen to so many opinions. My advice is to listen, do not take it personal and trust your Mother's instinct on what is best and if not sure ask someone you trust, and if needed consult with a doctor. Do not worry as others may offer the "right" way and you may choose otherwise, remember God provides all of the tools in our bodies, heart and brain to be the Mother He allowed us to become. So thank everyone for their opinion and you decide... besides didn't you just spend a few hours if not many hours bringing your baby to our world? 

Congratulations to the HAPPY family from
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  1. Welcome Elisa, we are so happy and overjoyed to have you join us baby girl! <3

    Tia Yara :)

  2. Congrats and welcome to motherhood! Babies are a blessing <3

    Mucho amor,

    Mayra Zuniga =)
    UCSB Chapter C.O. 2012


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