Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I Am a Princess- New Disney Ad

When my first daughter was born I was one of those moms who refused to dress her in pink and bows. I kept her away from Disney princess movies and Barbie dolls because I didn't want her to grow up thinking she needed a man to come and "save" her. She was dressed more often in camouflaged shorts and converse than in dresses. Of course she eventually voiced her opinions and wanted to dress more girly, she wanted to watch the latest Disney princess movie and I realized that it wasn't a cartoon that would determine who my daughter would become, but how I raised her and the example I set.

I now have 2 daughters. It feels like my youngest was born with a pink tutu and a tiara on. She loves all things "pwincess". The other day while being subjected to yet another episode of "Good Luck Charlie" this commercial came on.......

So there I am on the couch all misty eyed because this is what I hope I am teaching my daughters. That they are more than beauty and that they possess strength, power, kindness, generosity and loyalty.

I think Disney got it right with this.


  1. LOVE this post!!!!!! Awesome!!
    and the video is so cute too!!

    HaU <3

    Ps- Great blog ladies!! you are both amazing mommas!!

    Adri, Hermana from UCB

  2. Thanks for Sharing this video Elissa. I loved it.


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