Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween and Thanksgiving Jars- Craft Post by Veronica Carter

Halloween and Thanksgiving Jars

Made these cute jars with my boys and we had so much fun making them that they asked me to find more jars! Thankfully I had a stash of baby food jars.

And you're probably wondering where am I going to find vinyl cutouts? At the end I'll provide you with image options and charge only the cost of material and postage.

  • Glass jar- size of your choice
  • Acrylic paint- colors of your choice (inexpensive brand from any craft store)
  • Bottle of white school glue
  • Vinyl cutouts in your favorite images
  • Battery operated or candle tealights

  • Ruler
  • Newspaper or old tablecloth
  • Foam or paint brush
  • Plastic cup for paint
  • Popsicle stick or plastic spoon


Measure your jar and decide what image you would like to use. Figure 1

    Select your vinyl cutout and gently peel the transfer tape (material with red lines) from the backing making sure the vinyl image peels off from the backing. Figure 2
Figure 2

Using the transfer tape with the vinyl image attached to it, line your image onto your jar. Gently stick the vinyl image onto your jar and rub the transfer tape to allow the vinyl to stick on the jar. Figure 3
Figure 3

Carefully peel off the transfer tape making sure the vinyl is sticking to the jar. Smooth out any air bubbles with your hand. Figure 4.
Figure 4

Layout newspaper or an old tablecloth to protect your table because the kids WILL make a mess.

Mix approximately 1 tablespoon of glue with 1/4 teaspoon of paint. A little paint goes a long way! Using a Popsicle stick or plastic spoon to mix. Figure 5.
Figure 5

Paint the inside of your jars using a paint or foam brush. Allow to dry a few hours. Figure 6.
Figure 6

Now you're ready to enjoy your cute jars by adding your battery operated or candle tealights!

* You can also paint the jars first before applying the vinyl cutouts.

* Halloween images will be cut out of black vinyl. Thanksgiving images will only be a single brown color, unlike the image you see below. Based on the jar size provided the images will be cut to fit your jar.

* Each vinyl cutout is $1.00, includes postage and transfer paper used for placing image onto jar. 

* If you are interested in ordering vinyl cutouts, please contact me with the following information:
  • Name, address and email where I can send you a PayPal invoice or you can send a check.
  • Select an image and let me know what size of jar for which you'll be using the image (measure jar from top to bottom).  
* As soon as I get your information I will mail them out next business day.

* Contact email:

-Veronica Carter has a real gift and passion for crafting. This is evident in all the amazing things she creates. Veronica is a UCLA alumni, wife and mother to 2 amazing boys. She currently lives with her family in Arizona and is a proud Starbucks gold card member . 


  1. These look amazing! Thank you for sharing your creativity with us Veronica!

  2. These are adorable! Now I need to go and find some jars!


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