Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Giving birth ON the freeway! Guest Post by Kelly Sanchez

Kelly Sanchez is a successful career woman, wife & mother of 4 boys! She's worked in all areas of human service and has a true gift of gab and leadership! She's excited to share a definitely unique childbirth story with! To those who read this and later decide to have a child, just think: the experience may be a wild one, but there's always something wilder out there...
I knew I did NOT want to have another child born in the hospital. I had my first in a hospital and just felt that experience was overrated (that's only my opinion, no hate mail please). But boy did I get more than I imagined when planning to have a baby somewhere other than your typical hospital room! 
So late one night... who am I kidding, around 3pm on a Friday afternoon I was walking to pick up my 5 year old from Kindergarten... 9 months pregnant, swollen, and HOT! I came home to do some office work!  As I was working, I had a contraction. It hurt. Then I had another. It hurt a little more. Then I had another and thought "oh hell no!" My sister-in-law came into the living room to ask what she could do. I told her nothing, but thought I should call my hubby! He, by the way, was in the middle of the 1st day of grand opening for a new store! Needless to say, he wasn't coming home anytime soon for a false alarm. 
Then I remember having only ONE whole contraction and knew he had to leave work! I called him and said I don't care if you're FIRED today, but get here! 
I was planning to give birth at a birthing center in Simi Valley, but I lived in Santa Monica (40 minute drive, no traffic). Everyone always thinks I'm crazy for planning child birth so far from home, but I found what felt like the perfect midwife and birthing center where I did and never thought I'd run into issues trying to get there. 
So the hubby gets home, it's 4:45pm, we're in Santa Monica and have to get on both the 405 FWY and 10 FWY on a Friday afternoon to make it to Simi Valley. Basically, it's probably one of LA's WORST freeway routes at the WORST possible time! But there I was, in a white Oldsmobile, trying NOT to push. Yes you read right, trying not to push!!
If you've ever experienced natural childbirth you can relate, for those of you that have not, I'll try and explain: I'm in the back seat, hubby is driving, and his sister who was 19 at the time is in the passenger seat. My 5 year old son is with her boyfriend trailing behind us somewhere because they had to make a pit stop for pizza (long story)!

Okay, back to me in the back seat, we're racing through the emergency lane, debris is everywhere! At one point a car blocks us, which happens to be a white Camry (the same model as my mother in law...connection?) As my husband was trying to navigate through the freeway parking lot, I am ROARING. Yes, roaring like I am in the jungle. Not because of the pain but it was the only thing I could do to not push. I don't know if I can convey in words the sounds that were coming out of my mouth but if you have ever watched a movie with loud wild safari animals, that was me!
Kelly and her son Luis Sanchez (2012)!
At some point, I just knew I was sitting on the baby's head. I asked my sister-in-law to check and well not to get graphic but um yeah, she said the baby's head was not there. I couldn't believe it so I had to feel for myself and low and behold the baby was crowned and felt flushed with my skin! I told her "that's the baby!" she said she didn't know what it was and I exclaimed "What did you think it was?" She followed up with a panicked "I DON'T KNOW!!!" Classic, for a teenager!

I got the approval to push from the hubby who had got us as far as the 118 freeway and was now barreling down it around 95 mph. I pushed once and poof! The head came out. My sis-in-law tells my hubby, "the baby is dead." She said it in Spanish, I guess she didn't think I would know what she was saying. I reassured her that we just had to get the rest of the baby out so the baby could start breathing. When I say reassured her, I mean it like on a zen master level. Believe me, I am far from a zen master but human instinct took over quite perfectly, causing me to be calm for everyone, and laser focused to give one last push and welcome my son into the world!! 8.12 lbs of pure joy birthed into this world at 95 mph. 

And just in case you're wondering, his birth certificate reads:
Place of birth: CAR  Address: 118 Freeway Intersection Sycamore Exit Time: 5:40pm


  1. Wow, what a great story! You are one brave woman! <3


  2. I love hearing this story =)


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