Monday, October 1, 2012

Getting plugged into your child's school-life!

My son's back to school night was cancelled this year due to budget cuts. Feels like there's less and less opportunity to interface with his teacher and feel plugged-in. Yet, I seek connection to his daily routine and though every afternoon is a complete interrogation: "how was your day; tell me all about it; what was your favorite part?" there are other things I do to feel more connected:
  • I walk my son to school early giving myself ample time to chat with his teacher & other parents (this is especially conducive at my son's elementary & I know this may not work for every mom's schedule). I take this opportunity to get informed on school events or other happenings, but mostly I take this time to enjoy chatting with him as we stroll through the neighborhood!
  • I plan plenty of organized activities such as play-dates even if that means having 2-3 kids over for a play-date on a Friday evening! This gives me a glimpse of my son's everyday friendships/interactions with other children! 
  • I create flexibility in my schedule to volunteer in my son's classroom. This could come down to one hour per month, but in that hour I feel fulfilled to share in a bit of his daily routine! 
  • Early in the year, you might also try sending a letter to your child's teacher introducing yourself, your schedule, and your strengths including where you might be able to contribute to the classroom (i.e. photography, art, etc.). This is a great tip I just learned from my co-editor who actually texts back-and-forth with her kid's teacher (Now, that's plugged-in)! 
Whether you work in your home or in an office everyday, feeling connected is key! In the end, every mom just wants to do the best she can. And we're all in this together!

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  1. I like to arrive early as well and chit chat with my daughters teacher, love that I get a daily update on her progress. It also gives me a chance to see my daughter interact with her classmates. I haven 't taken on play dates or volunteering but they are next on my list ;) btw love the pic!

    1. Hey Jackie! I haven't taken on the play dates either. I have somehow avoided it for years now. I mostly communicate with my kids teacher through email or text messages. Her school does a drop-off car line and I don't pick her up from school. So email and text messages are the best way.

  2. Let us know how those 1st play dates go Jackie/Elissa! I've had a few nutty ones myself, but my son's happy that I take on him and his wild buddies for the afternoon!


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