Monday, October 22, 2012

Get In Front of the Camera

A few weeks ago, a fellow HerMama brought this article to our attention (Thanks Araceli!)

A great article about moms taking a stand and getting in front of the camera. This topic hit home for me. See I take A LOT of pictures of my kids. Like a ridiculous amount.  Back in 2008, after looking through holiday photos I realized that I was never in the picture. 

There were a lot of reasons why I stayed behind the camera.
  1. If I didn't take the pictures no one would
  2. I know how to work the camera
  3. I hate myself in pictures
  4. I needed to lose some weight.
I imagined my daughter as an adult looking through her childhood photos (on a computer because lets be real, I will never print them) and thinking...

"Where was my Mom? Was she even there? I wonder what she looked like when I was little?"

So I threw all the excuses out the window and decided that on January 1st I would start a photo project. The 365 photo project is pretty common with photographers. Usually they take a photo of themselves, once a day for a year. I put a twist. I decided to take a picture of my daughter and I, everyday, for one whole year. It became routine and a lot of fun. After a month I would put together all the pictures in a slide show. These little videos became love letters to my daughter. 

Here is the first one I did...

This project is still going on today. 4 years later we are still taking our "picture of the day". Thanks to cell phones and photo sharing sites like Flickr it is easier than ever to do. 

Look through your photos, are you always the picture taker and never in the photos? Make an effort to get in front of the camera more often. You will be glad you did! 


  1. That's so funny because I was just thinking the same thing last night as I was going through pictures I had taken at the pumpkin patch...I was only in 1 picture out if about 20 pics! I like the idea of your 365 photo project! I'm going to try it and not worry that I hate the way I come out in pictures, thanks!

  2. Happy to hear you're trying it Jackie! I love that Elissa did that a few years ago and continues to take pics of EVERYONE! I even teared up watching her video, thinking my oldest is 6 and I ditched the camera plenty in those 6 years! But no more! Happy we're ALL getting in the pic!


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