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Exercise Tips by Personal Trainer Diana Szekely of D Method

After beginning my weight loss journey with a simple plan of eating in moderation and walking/running on the treadmill, I decided to seek the expertise and support of a personal trainer. The trainer I enlisted really took my fitness goals to the next level with affordable and fun workout sessions at a local south bay park. 

I partnered with a few girlfriends to make sure we stuck it through and after session 1 (w/ 6 gals, 3 of which finished strong after 10 weeks) we had all gotten bit by the exercise bug and continue to meet for bi-weekly workout sessions at the park! As they say,"it takes a village" and this applies to many of life's journeys such as parenting, exercise and beyond! 

Diana Szekely  of D Method Personal Training, is a certified personal trainer and below you'll find some essential exercise tips from her! 

Many women have a range of concerns about working out before, during and after pregnancy. Below I have listed some common questions and concerns and where to find out more details.

How do I begin an exercise routine?
Mommy and Baby Workouts with D Method
If you are in good health, you do not have to see your health care provider before you begin a moderate exercise program. However, some people may need extra care. You should talk with your health care provider before starting an exercise program if it has been some time since you have exercised regularly, you should start exercising slowly and gradually. You can spread exercise throughout the day. Plan your exercise program to suit your interests and lifestyle.
Squats with little ones in tow!

What are the types of exercise?
There are two types of exercises—cardiovascular (or aerobic) exercise and strength training. A mix of both is best. In addition to these exercises, every workout should include exercises to promote flexibility.

How often and how much should I exercise?
The current Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recommendation for exercise, aimed at improving the health and well-being of non-pregnant individuals, suggests that an accumulation of 30 minutes or more of moderate exercise a day should occur on most, if not all, days of the week. In the absence of either medical or obstetric complications, pregnant women also can adopt this recommendation.

Basic Workout Tips for All Women:

Pelvic Floor:  (Kegel Exercises) Work it all the time! Here is a great short video on how/why you should start doing kegels – now!

Work on: Pelvic floor and core integrity, be familiar with joint laxity.

Avoid: Bicycle crunches and other such ab twisting exercises. Take care of your core & avoid strain or injury!

All moms and moms-to-be should go to for other great details on pre and post natal exercise tips!

Diana Szekely of D Method Training Designed for Women  (ACSM; pre/post natal certified)
To find out more about the best exercises and nutrition plans for optimal health, please email Diana at and/or check out her website!

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