Monday, October 29, 2012

A Safe Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner. We get pretty excited about it at our house. I mean walking around in costume and getting free candy! Who wouldn't be excited!

As always, Safety First! Here are a few tips to make sure that you have a fun and SAFE Halloween.

  • Plan your route before you leave. Try to stay in neighborhoods you are familiar with and are well lit. 
  • Meet up with friends and go in a big group. Remember there is safety in numbers. 
  • Only trick or treat at homes that are lit up. 
  • You can avoid walking sidewalks by going to a community trunk or treat. Many police departments and churches have really fun festivals with games and lots of cars decorated and passing out candy! 
  • If your kids costume requires props make sure they are light weight and flexible. Avoid costumes that drag on the ground to avoid falls. Of course comfortable shoes are a must!
  • Take some water for you and your little ones. Keep hydrated and make sure costumes are easy to go to the bathroom in!
  • Give each child glow sticks or a small flash light. You want to make them as visible as possible.
  • Give your child a small easy to carry bag for candy. Take a bigger reusable grocery bag for the parent to carry and once in awhile dump your kids small bag into the big bag. 
  • Check all your kids candy before they eat any of it! Throw away anything that is not wrapped properly. Also toss any homemade items from people you do not know! 

HerMamas wishes you all a fun and safe Halloween! 

*We want to show off all your cute little ghosts and goblins! Email pictures of your kids in costume to Your photo(s) will be featured in our Halloween post! 

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