Monday, September 17, 2012

The Perks of Being a Tia- Guest Post by Elena Garcia

Hola Hermamas and the rest of my dedicated readers!

For those of you that just got on the bandwagon of Cost Effective Chica readership, let me update you to a bit of my background. I am a proud Gaucho alum of UC Santa Barbara. While I was a student, I joined Hermanas Unidas-a social organization that is based on the three pillars of community service, academics, and social networking. We were each other's support and guidance through the trials and tribulations of our undergraduate years. We laughed, cried, partied, and roomied. As the years progressed, our roles in each other's lives might have survived the harsh realities of post collegiate adult life, or faded to once in a while updates via facebook, personal blogs, or the occassional text message. Distance might separate us, complications further tear us apart, but the bonds of passion, youth, optimism, and family further connect us as we expand our lives.

This brings me to mention my once upon a time Hermanas' new blog. HerMamas! Any Mom can view this site and share the wonderful world of being a Mom.

So I am not a possible Mom or possible Step-Mom yet. Hey ladies, you never know who you end up with or don't end up with right? But there is one proud familial title that I share with a number of us fine females. And that is the Tia (Auntie). I love being an Auntie, Kim Kardashian is an Auntie. I don't know why I mentioned that but I think it is because I just want to have her money and blow this whole money saving blog thing and head out to the Bahamas with Kanye whenever. Well, I don't care too much for Kanye but you get my drift. Kim is an Auntie, I am an Auntie, and being an Auntie rules.

You get to love your sobrinos like they are your own. See how much they are like you or not like you. (We do share the same amount of DNA as the parents do to their kids). And you get just what might be a small taste of what you can have in the future.

-Elena Garcia is a HaU UCSB Alumni, a teacher, a blogger, an activist and an all around awesome person. You can find her and all her money saving tips, insights and opinions at The Adventures of the Cost Effective Chica. 


  1. Tias rock! I am glad my baby has my loving sister, and I get to have my niece Celeste! Tia love is one of the best loves out there. <3


    1. I agree Yara! Tia's rock. I love being a Tia/Nina!


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