Friday, September 14, 2012

The Lunch Box

It sounds simple enough. Pack your kid a lunch. You want to pack your child something nutritious, and something they will like. All of a sudden this simple task is not so simple. My daughter is in 2nd grade and her school does not have a cafeteria. This means that I have no choice but to pack her lunch and her snack EVERY DAY! 

I try to follow this pattern:

  • a protein
  • a starch
  • a fruit
  • a vegetable
  • a treat
  • a drink
  • a love note ( this one is very important!) 

Let's look at an example:

By following a pattern I never question if she is getting enough food or if it's nutritious enough. As long as I get one of each categories I feel like I have packed her a good well-rounded lunch.

The love note is very important. It is an opportunity to let your child know that during those 6 hours you are apart you are thinking of them. I also use it as a reminder of what is coming up for the rest of the day. For example I may write "Hi! I love you and am thinking about you. Can't wait to take you to yoga class today! Love Mom". 

I will let you in on my secret. At the beginning of the year I did an image search for "printable lunch notes". I printed out a bunch of different ones I found, cut them out and put them in an envelope that I keep in the kitchen. Now all I have to do is grab one, write a quick note on the back and add it to her lunch.

Here are a few links to some printable notes:
Happy Home Fairy
Simply Family Magazine
Deal Wise Mommy
Rook #17 (These were my favorite!)

We all need inspiration when it comes to packing lunches, so over on the HerMamas Facebook page we have added a "The Lunch Box" photo album. We would love to see what you are packing for your kiddos! Head over and post your lunch pictures! Just CLICK HERE.

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