Monday, September 10, 2012


I have written about this before, but if anyone is going to really get this concept it's my Hermanas! 

As a Mom and an optimist, I make it a priority to teach my children how to look on the bright side. And as an Hermana I know the power of the "Props". For those that need a refresher "Props" are a part of an Hermanas Unidas meeting. At the end members are given the opportunity to give "props' or thanks to someone who helped them in anyway during the week. We all listen and then give one big clap in unison and yell "Props!". I always loved this part of our meetings. It was positive and uplifting.

As a way to keep my kids thinking positive, we now do our own daily version of "props". At the dinner table we each go around and say one good thing that happened to us that day. Then we give a big clap and say "PROPS!" Even my 2 year old joins in. She mostly like the clapping.

This simple little ritual helps to remind my kids (and myself) that there is good in everyday. Even when things seem down, you can always find some good in it. I think this is important for my children to learn because attitude can effect everything. If you are a happy person you can lead a happy life and make others around you happy. Remember "you bring the weather to the picnic".

Do you do anything to help your children stay optimistic? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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  1. Love that you spread optimism with the girls the very way you did in college! You rock Elissa!


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