Thursday, September 20, 2012

Part 2 - Love At First Sight: Did you immediately fall in love with your child? This mom did!

When I laid eyes on my now 6 year old for the first time, I remember feeling such a relief that he was finally here and then the feeling of deep intense love rushed through my body like blood through my veins!

The instant happiness was a mix of Oprah Winfrey's ugly cry, saying "I love you" about a thousand times, and frantically kissing the cutest, chubbiest, yummiest baby cheeks I'd ever seen! I was overflowing with love! Emotions ran so high I was tuned in to TLC's "A Baby Story" (crying through every delivery) for at least a good two months. I just wanted to relive my son's beautiful birth in any way possible. I felt I could live in that memory forever!

Sure, I felt fear and doubt, but above all, I felt love. A sweet love mixed with the fears of probably every first time parent. Like that first drive home when I imagined every car plowing into us now that we had a baby on board! Or my son's first nap as I sat there counting every single breath to make sure he was still breathing! So there I was, deeply in love and feeling sure that motherhood was for me while also having horrible daydreams about everything that could go wrong! 

All in all, whether you fall in love instantly with your child or it takes some time to overcome you, love for your children is the most beautiful kind of love. Life feels fuller and you weirdly love your parents and spouse differently, you love nieces and nephews more deeply, and you hopefully make the decision to love yourself more intensely too!

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