Thursday, September 6, 2012

Need A Little Fit-spiration?

Recently, I lost 50+ lbs which took 9 months to accomplish! That’s 36 weeks or about 270 days! Wasn’t quick or easy, but it's DONE…

1st things 1st: Take it slow. I once heard it takes 9 months to develop a baby, so it’ll take 9 months to get your body “back!” After baby number 3 and having gained at least 40 lbs from all pregnancies combined, I decided to give myself 9 months to get fit! So take it slow! Eat a little less at dinner. Replace a burger with a salad. Start walking with the kids. Take up a new sport or hobby: swim, dance, train for a marathon! Initially, my slow meant walking on a treadmill for 20 minutes & cutting my meals in ½!

2nd: Be patient with yourself and set small goals! If you’re anything like me trying to lose 20 lbs in a month will probably leave you feeling like a failure while 5 lbs. heavier than when you started! Don’t let not meeting a daily or weekly goal discourage you. Did you ever hear the one about the guy who stopped digging when he was “three feet from gold?” Don’t quit digging! Your “gold” could be anything: losing a dress size, wearing an itsy-bitsy polka dot bikini, or simply not feeling winded after a few flights of stairs! Everyone’s fitness “gold” is different. Define yours and DON’T quit three feet from it! Persevere!

Lastly: Figure out how bad you want it? Sometimes we lose the weight loss battle because we really haven’t defined “the why!” Start by asking, “Why do I want to lose the weight in the first place?” Something like walking down the aisle might motivate you, but will it stir enough desire in you to make the CHANGE permanent (after the wedding)! The key here is permanence and losing any undesirable amount of weight once and for all! I’ll let you in on a little secret! One day, I looked around and checked out each one of my friends! And my dolls are HOT! I realized, I was quickly becoming the “funny fat friend” and boy did that give me the desire to change my eating and exercise habits for good! Maybe being the “funny fat friend” doesn’t stir the same emotions in you, but when you give yourself a hard long honest (and hopefully naked) look in the mirror, you’ll know why you want to be fit & healthy and you’ll stay on track as long as it takes to reach your “GOLD!”

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  1. You go girl!!! I think taking it slow is the best, healthiest way to do anything when it comes to your body.
    I'm taking it slow as well doing the same thing: cutting meals in 1/2 and taking daily walks with my 1-year-old. Besides that, I also make sure to only buy whole-wheat everything... pasta, bread, rice, corn tortillas, etc. It is very yummy and nutritious! The white stuff is no bueno for you or your digestive system. AND I've hopped onto the Juicing bandwagon!! It really is easy and soooo good for you! I switched my breakfast out for a fruit and veggie juice and the pounds are droppin', my skin feels amazing, I feel good! Not to mention the fact that my insides are happy and thankful :) An easy juice is: carrot, green apple, orange (these three I use as a base for all my juices) and then I add in whatever I have in the fridge that day... zuchinni, beets, celery, tomato, cucumber. And its very easy to make enough for the whole fam so you know the little ones are getting their vitamins and minerals in its rawest form! Cleaning the juicer is a breeze, too! If you don't have time in the morning to clean, just rinse it out, wash only the blade part, and finish in the afternoon OR stick it in the dishwasher.

    I used to say I was happy being a chub, but I feel so much better now... I'm so much healthier and have more energy for my little one :)

    1. Cassy! Isn't Irene an inspiration? You know I have been really wanting to get into juicing. But I don't have a juicer. What kind of juicer do you use?

    2. Cassy, great tips! Nutrition is so important! I love the idea of adding whole-wheat everything! My kids don't even notice the difference and still get yummy meals! I especially love brown rice since my family eats a ton of rice!
      Thanks for all the awesome suggestions. Like Elissa, I've thought about juicing. Thanks for sharing your delicious recipes! And way to go being healthier. Your little one will surely follow your lead!!!


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