Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Morning Routine

Most kids have just gone back to school. Those lazy summer days are gone and now its time for that frantic morning routine! It seems like no matter what time I wake up, I am always rushing. Last school year when my kid got her 5th tardy slip I knew I needed to find a way to make our morning routine run smoother. Here are a few great tips that have helped my kid get to school on time!

  • Lay out clothes the night before. Not just the kids clothes, but everyone’s clothes. Then there is no time wasted trying to figure out what to wear.

  • When it comes to breakfast, know what you are going to make beforehand. I save the things that take time to cook like french toast for the weekend. A bowl of yogurt with fruit or granola is quick and healthy! 

  • If your kids are big cereal eaters you can set up breakfast the night before. Leave a bowl of cereal on the table covered in plastic wrap. Then place a cup of milk in the fridge on a shelf you kid can reach. Then they can serve themselves cereal and you won’t have to worry about a mess.

  • Take showers and baths the night before.

  • Have your kids homework checked and backpack packed and waiting by the door.

  • Pack lunches the night before. You can save even more time by making a weekly lunch menu. I know for me, trying to put together a well-rounded lunch takes me so long. Having it all written out beforehand really saves time. 

  • Stick to a routine. This way you know everything that needs to get done is done. To help my daughter stick to this routine I made a reminder list for the bathroom.    

A smooth morning routine can give you a great start to your whole day! 

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  1. For me the most important part of my morning routine is how I wake up my girls. My seven year old I give her 5 minute warnings about 10-15 minutes she is supposed to wake up or else she will be super grouchy! My four year old, I sing her a good morming song so that she wakes up with a smile, if not she will refuse to do anything!

    1. Good tip Jackie! I have one kid who I have to drag out of bed and another who at the slightest sound wakes up bouncy and happy. I like the 5 minute warning idea. Maybe my grouchy kid will be less grouchy.

    2. Jackie, I can totally relate! My son can also be super grouchy in the mornings without a warning, so I make sure to give him one 10 minutes before I really need him to wake up. Though this year he discovered computer games, so I allow him to play these in the morning if he wakes up well before morning routine and so far he's making that happen and leaving out the GROUCH bit!

  2. This summer I started talking about the "big things going on tomorrow" at dinner time and it seems to be working out really good, during the summer it was a time to plan the next day & hear about what they wanted to do and right now with the girls going back to school, starting fall sports, etc. it is really helping me and them out! I think the girls feel good that they know what's coming & it also lets me talk to them about what their parts are so that we can have a smooth start to the day.

  3. Great idea Summer. I like the idea of the family reviewing the next days schedule.

    1. Love this idea Summer! My husband is a total list-maker and a firm believer in planning his day. For a while he was consistently doing this with Isaiah and with your comment I'm inspired to encourage him to take it up again! Kiddos enjoy it more than one would think!

    2. Definitely think kiddos enjoy being part of the planning process and it lets us (as the parents) reference the conversation in which we all planned out the day, activity, etc and each of our parts =)
      Once again ladies...kuddos to you guys for thinking of creating this space to share =)


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