Monday, September 24, 2012

Labor Pains: Prepping for Natural Childbirth!

Each of my 9+ lbs. children were delivered naturally. Friends often ask, "Why do that?" A good friend and epidural enthusiast put it this way, "Would you have major surgery without anesthesia?"

Quite honestly, the image of that large needle entering my spine just scared me. Sure, I have no problem with regular needles, say to draw blood, but a needle through my spine, just couldn't do it!

Epidural enthusiast or not, I'm sure we've all thought about the possibility of natural childbirth and for those expectant moms who will attempt a natural labor, here are some tips that might help when planning to give-it-a-go:
  • Work with a mid-wife. Mid-wives are available at most major hospitals and care providers! Book a routine prenatal visit with a mid-wife then decide on the medical professional you feel most comfortable with.  
  • Tell your doctor exactly what you want. Doctors may feel intimidating as they've done this so many times, but the more confident person always wins! Make it clear that you don't want to be pushed into using an epidural or other drugs unless there's valid reason and/or a true emergency. Sadly, I once had a doctor pushing to schedule a c-section/epidural because she had to "get back to her demanding afternoon patients on the west side." Ummm excuse me, wasn't I one of those patients?  FYI: West side moms rock!
  • Watch the Business of Being Born documentary: We forget that delivering babies is a business. Learn all you can about how it works before the big day! 
  • Be willing to adjust: If a natural labor turns out to feel too overwhelming, painful or dangerous do what is recommended by your physician. And don't feel bad about changing your mind! Natural birth or not, women are amazingly strong for simply going through the journey of pregnancy and labor! Our strength during this unique experience is powerful beyond words!

Share your childbirth experience/expectations in the comment section below!


  1. You are awesome for having not 1 but 2 natural child births! I don't think I could have endured that pain. I had a C-section, which was a painful recovery. For weeks it hurt to laugh, sit, walk, pee, etc. And I was sooo scared when they had to give me an epidural...I was shaking so much, I thought they were going to injure my spine lol...luckily they didn't!

    1. You were so strong Jackie! I have never had to recover from C-section and I've heard stories just like yours about the healing process! To finally welcome our children is so worth it, but boy do we go through it having them!


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