Thursday, September 27, 2012

Introducing: Erik Emiliano Gonzalez

Q and A with our Hermana: Ester Dominguez-Gonzalez: 

Q: HaU chapter/graduation year?
A: I am a proud Alumni of HaU's UCLA class of 2006

Q: Where does your son's name come from?
A: Erik is my husband's name and we chose Emiliano because of our strong ties to the farm worker movements, starting with the campesino movement leader Emiliano Zapata. Both Erik and I volunteered, interned, and worked for the United Farm Workers Foundation through out college and a few years after. We are hoping it will be a great story to tell him.

Q: Best part of Labor? Worst Part of Labor? 
A: The best part of Labor I have to say was the epidural, lol!!! The worst part was the aftermath. I was so excited and prepared to do skin to skin with my newborn but after he came out he was cleaned up, checked by doctor, nurses and midwife then wheeled off to the NICU. After 28 hours of labor, Erik Emiliano had caught an infection from my water breaking and had to stay in the NICU for 7 days. LONGEST WEEK OF MY LIFE! 

Q: What's it like finally having him home?
A: It was overwhelming at first, both our parents live in Ventura County and my mom was only able to stay the first night baby was home so all Erik and I had was to rely on each other. The great thing is that after 10 years of being together we make an amazing team. Things are slowly starting to get easier!

Q: Biggest change since his birth?
A: I think the biggest change has been our schedule, we were so used to getting up and leaving when ever we wanted. Our baby has only been home for a week now and we already feel like hermits! Our sleeping patterns are wayyyy off too. I was excited on Thursday night for getting a total of 6 hours sleep but our son made up for it last night by hardly giving us any, lol. I remember the college days when it was no thing getting no sleep, now napping when ever I can is a must! 

Q: How's daddy holding up?
A: Erik is amazing and everyday shows me why I married him! I have to admit he was nervous even holding him at first. We now take turns feeding him (god bless the inventor of the pump) and putting him to sleep. I'm still working on getting him to change his diaper though.  

Q: Advice for other soon to be mommies?
A:  No matter how much planning, organizing and preparation you do, not everything will turn out perfect, but that little one will be perfect for you! I would love to hear from some wiser and more experienced Hermamas. 

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