Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Do you Pinterest?

As if there wasn't enough things on the internet to distract us, along comes Pinterest. A place where you can sign up and "pin" things you like on the internet onto "boards". You can follow people and then "repin" things you see on their boards.

I have to admit it I really love Pinterest. I have seen people "pin" ideas for their wedding and house decor.
Some of the things I pin are...

  • kids craft ideas
  • knitting and crocheting patterns
  • house decor
  • recipes
  • funny quotes and pictures
  • cleaning tips 
  • clothes I could never afford

When I go to a party and I see something from Pinterest I can look at the host and say "pinterest?" and they smile and nod. I have pinned 947 things and out of those things I have pinned, I probably actually tried to make or create 10 of those things. Yet I still  find myself scrolling through Pinterest often. It is a really great place to find creative inspiration.

Tell us, do you Pinterest?
Have you ever tried anything from your Pinterest boards?
Have you had an big success or failures?


  1. I pinterest like mad. I get a lot of my quilt ideas from there, as well as some wonderful recipes. Right now, I have a pin that could win me FREE fabric, if I get enough repins. Repin, if you will: http://pinterest.com/pin/134193263867966800/

  2. I have one success! Maybe twoish...I have never posted anything, i just look at all the cool pics! There are so many uber talented peeps!

  3. I once stuffed sugar cones with mixed berries and topped it with a mint leaf! Got the idea from pinterest. It was simple and the presentation was nice! So I basically try all of the easy ideas I've seen! I'd really like to give something "major" a-go, one day! I love PINTEREST!


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