Thursday, December 15, 2016


I listen to a lot of podcasts, one of my current favorites is called Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People.  The idea is pretty awesome, the host posts on Twitter that he is recording and who ever gets through talks with the host for one hour about anything they want. They just can reveal who they are. No names.

A recent episode had a girl talking about how she makes ASMR videos. Like me the host had no idea what ASMR videos were. ASMR stand for Autonomous sensory meridian response. Turns out they are videos of people whispering and making soft noises that are suppose to give you a static or tingling sensation from you head and down your back. It is used as a way to help people fall asleep.

Apparently this is a super popular thing. This video has over 6.8 million views! Million.

Have you ever heard of ASMR?
Do you think it would help you relax and sleep? 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Husband and Wife Slump

Full disclosure: sometimes being married sucks. Now, I don't mean that to be mean, but I can say I've been feeling in a bit of a slump. If you can relate, tell me in the comment section how do you get out of your husband and wife slumps?

This is how I know the hubby and I are in a slump: I haven't necessarily looked forward to our weekly date night. Date nights are meant to be exciting and for years they've been a great way to reconnect and get away from work, parenting, and the routine of everyday that creates good roommates and not great couples!

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Now, this place of awareness is a good place to start to change what feels like a slump. A couple of things he and I need to change right away: strive to keep dates exciting and new,  stop talking about work and kids, and talk about us, oh and no dreaded electronics allowed at date night! Rushing our date and doing the same old, same old, makes this start to feel like a chore and not a joy. 

Next week, we are going on a date night adventure - no doubt! Plus, we are leaving our phones at HOME!

Another consideration: what are we talking about these days? For me, slumps are a product of not being aware of how mechanical the day to day has become. I find that sometimes the hubby and I simply tag team the days away to complete the various commitments we've taken on: kid's soccer, basketball coaching, spanish and art classes, careers, homework assignments, school activities, bills, groceries, chores.... on and on the to-do lists grow, but that doesn't keep marriage exciting. When the slump creeps I begin to shake it up and arrange spontaneous outings. Plus, I ban discussions about logistics and managing our household and children. Basically, how quickly can we get back to that feel good sexiness that brought us together in the first place. It can't all be romance and spontaneity, but that should also never fall away altogether. 

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Finally, acknowledge what is. If I didn't call this slump a slump we'd be fooling ourselves and more of the same would persist, and, that's an injustice. Everyday can't be an exciting adventure but make sure to keep love at the forefront making sure love slumps don't turn into broken unions and unhappy homes. We all deserve great loves, families, and lives and keeping slumps at bay ensures that's what we end up with!

What's your anti-slump marriage strategy?

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Giving Thanks- Projects for the Season

What I love most about November is all the gratitude. I try find one thing to be thankful for every single day, but November is a great time to get the whole family involved. Here are a few easy crafts and projects that will get the whole family counting their blessings. 

Paper Plate Turkey

This is a great one for kids of all ages. Even the toddlers can get involved. A paper plate, construction paper, googly eyes and a pen is all you need. Have each family member write on the feathers what they are thankful for. These can make cute decorations for your thanksgiving meal!

Gratitude Pumpkin 

I love this idea. Mostly because most years we don't get to carving those pumpkins we got at the pumpkin patch and after Halloween they just sit there. Instead of letting them just be a stump on the ground use that pumpkin to have the family write down things they are thankful for. A sharpie marker and a pumpkin is all you need. This will be so cute when it is completely filled with all the different handwriting. Also could make another great centerpiece. Or even a fun thing for your guests to do at your Thanksgiving dinner.

Tissue Box Turkey

Cover a square tissue box with brown paper. Add a turkey and feathers and leave a little post it note pad so your family can add to the box all month. On Thanksgiving day, after you can read each one.

Grateful Paper Chain

Take strips of paper and have your family members write down what they are thankful for. You can do as many strips as there are days left until Thanksgiving. Then every night as you take down one chain you can read what your family is thankful for. I love this kinds of activities because my 6 year old is notorious for asking, "How many days until.....?"

Whatever you do make sure to spend the month giving thanks! There is always something to be thankful for. 

Friday, November 4, 2016

When your kid is totally behind...

Image result for image kid school

Yeah, that's my kid! No doubt, behind! Granted it's his first year in formal schooling and it's very much pre-k, but I must ask: how are all the other kids this far along? I religiously volunteer in my kid's transitional kindergarten class and I can barely get mine to recognize letters correctly while the rest of the students appear to be rhyming and grasping basic math. One must not compare, I get it. But one can be honest. And my kid is typically behind.

Lot's of reasons for that. 1. My hubby taught our older children basics before schooling even began. In fact, the oldest was fully reading. 2. This child is third in our home and began school earlier than his siblings (he's going to be in kinder two years, so can we consider year one a loss?). 3. He was raised with so much love and care, but no formal schooling. This child of mine was in an at-home day care and in grandmother's care for all of his young life, so basically less counting and more feeding, less learning and more playing. Now, there's nothing wrong with that, but here's the kicker.... he rebels with the formality and structure of schooling.

My little guy gets SO frustrated the minute he can't understand something and that's about every other minute. I feel for him and granted I only observe while in class one hour weekly. I felt horrible at first and then I kicked myself for going there. He will catch up. This is normal. And we can help!

We have to be so on top of homework (which is practice time for understanding letters, numbers, and practicing his fine motor skills). We have to never compare him to others. And, we have to keep it cool -- very cool. I want to run when he runs. I want to resist when he resists. Naturally, we can't. The best advice I can give when a kid falls behind is to not fall behind too!

It's easier to let it be when they struggle and we want to claim "their young". We shouldn't. I've been more patient than ever before, but also more involved than I expected to be since my other children seemed to be at the status quo. Being in his class helps, so there's that advantage. The hubby does homework and he's good about making sure our little man fully grasps all he's struggle with before he leaves our homework table.

So to all moms and dads feeling their kid is behind: hang in there, help all you can, and ask for more help if you're not seeing a gradual improvement. In our case, my kiddo appears to take a while to grasp a lot, but he always ends up coming through in the end with a clear illustration that he's getting this school thing after all. Now, if only all the other kids would slow down... I kid, I kid. 

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Jarritos + Diego Luna= Waterworks

We all enjoy an ice cold Jarritos now and then. Now there is even more reason to love them. They have partnered with the talented Mexican actor/director Diego Luna and have created a beautiful commercial in tribute to the immigrants of this great country. 

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Being "THAT" Mom

My kids quarter grade report cards came in earlier this month. I was very happy with their grades but was shocked to see that my oldest daughter's lowest grade was in Art. It's weird because it is an art class and should be a fairly easy grade and my daughter LOVES art. Of course I asked her why, she told me her the class was boring and she didn't like it. Her friends in class were backing up her story.

Now, not that I don't believe my daughter, but I needed both sides of the story, so I set up a day with the teacher to sit on on the class. After sitting there for the 2 hour class I had to agree with the kids, the class was SO BORING!

For the first hour and a half was spent on 2 short videos and filling in a worksheet. They watched each video twice through. I have to admit, it was 1st period and I was having a hard time keeping my eyes open. As I sat there I took notes, notes for the big parenting lecture I was going to give my daughter.

The bottom line was that, yes the class was boring, yes there are much more interactive and fun way to teach art, but tough cookies. Not everything in life is going to be fun and exciting. Not everything in life will be catered to her likes and interests. The class topic was color as a element of art. The teacher was teaching on the subject so there was no grounds for me to complain to the school.

This was a life lesson for my junio higher, but I do hope that the next time she takes art the teacher is fun and creative. Or even better, if she grows up to be a teacher she is fun and creative.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

How I let my team "SLACK" off!

My office now minimally deals in dreaded emails with overflowing inboxes and missed assignments. Slack is a team FREE communication tool that revolutionized how we do business day-to-day. There's quite a handful of reasons to use slack (available on mobile devices and desktops), and here are some of my favorites:

#1. Say no to long emails: Slack is much like the old school AOL IM model in nature only it's organized by channels and topics and is much cooler than the static AOL IM. Everything you need to discuss with team members in organized in open or private groups with one or more team members. You can also share files in channels which is a great way to share/store important documents. I no longer comb through email search results to find that one email I needed or to remember something essential.

#2 Reminders: In Slack you're able to use simple "coding" commands to program different functions. My fav. it the reminder function. The system programs reminders, do not disturb settings, and so much more. The reminder tool (quick command /remind) keeps me organized in a way that helps this CEO keep her team accountable.

#3. Organized chaos: important attachments live in one simple place organized in the most appropriate channel using the pin or star feature. Easily pin or star a file or even a conversation to later find what you need without scouring through old emails. 

#4. Mobile-friendly app: Slack has the most effective mobile interface I've ever used.  The desktop and mobile app are identical, fast, and straightforward enough to remain plugged in while on the go. This tool makes working remotely a breeze.

#5. Other useful apps can be easily integrated to work well within Slack. My team, for instance, creates spreadsheets using Airtable (another amazing tool) and changes made there get automatically synched on Slack to notify the team a.k.a team members on a channel based on a topic.

Costs? Slack offers 4 pricing options, but we’ve been on the free plan and loving it.