Monday, November 23, 2015

Santa Claus: Bursting the Bubble for Kids

I just had the big talk with my 9 year old, 4th grader about Santa's existence. I took a moment of natural conversation that organically involved into the big reveal. He took it so well until his dad got pretty intimidating about keeping the secret for his siblings. Then, there was tears.

Here's what the conversation taught me:

1. Let the moment come up naturally and stay casual yet sensitive. Kids sense our feelings, so I came across calmly with a positive attitude about how fun it's been to keep up such a giving tradition for his entire childhood.

2. Let them feel disappointment and sadness. Don't try to avoid it. This part might have you feeling as though you should have never dooped your child, let alone shared the news now, but just think how cruel it is to find out from a bratty, teasing classmate (how I found out).

3. Remind your children of the joy they've experienced believing in this tradition and others (this only applies when they understand there's no easter bunny or toothfairy). Accordingly, they shouldn't ruin the magic for others (classmates and siblings). This part is important and teaches our children to express empathy for others.

4. Get reinforcements if you feel your child may really take it hard (books, online articles, etc.). If they take it harder than you thought, assure them they can still enjoy the tradition. Assure them the love and excitement they've felt doesn't go away.

5. Share lots of comforting hugs and kisses, and before you know it, your child will be just fine with the news. Soon after the reveal, my kid began referring to me as "mom, I mean, Santa." This went on for an hour with a bunch of delirious laughter in between.

In your opinion, when's the best time to have the big convo. with kids??

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing you and yours a....

Friday, November 20, 2015

Can We All Agree to Get Off Black Friday?

This picture is from my local Best Buy and it is from this last Monday. Yup November 16th. That is not a homeless person's tent. That, my friends, is a person camped out for Black Friday sales. Yes a full 11 days early. This woman (and yes she did this last year) is going to spend the next 11 days camping out waiting to get a good deal on a television.

I mentioned to my husband that the same lady for last year was already camped out and he let out a big sigh. He really believes that things like this ruin the holidays. Instead of enjoying the holiday season with her family this women is spending it on the sidewalk. It kind of defeats the real purpose of the holiday season. Instead of being with family and friends spending the day bonding, they are pouring over sales ads and gearing up for an all-night shop-a-thon. Not to mention all the people who work in retail that are forced to start work at 6pm on Thanksgiving day so that they can have their store open at midnight.

Here is the problem, unless all the big major stores agree to end the madness that is Black Friday, it will continue. Because Wal-Mart is not going to lose a huge amount of sales to Target and vice-versa. Unless everyone agrees to open at a reasonable time on Friday, Black Friday sales are going to get earlier and earlier. I will not be shocked to hear about Black Friday sales starting on 5pm on Thursday. 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Groceries at your door in an hour!

Did you know groceries could be at your door within an hour? Did you know it's as simple as having an Amazon Prime membership? Well you know now!

I know not everyone has a Prime membership with, but it just might be worth it. Amazon charges just over $100 for an annual subscription to their "prime members" who get such perks as free two-day shipping and now delivery within the hour for an added fee using their Prime Now app.

Shopping couldn't be easier using this new online app. The Amazon selection may not be as great as the regular However, the convenience might just outweighed the selection. 

For me personally, Amazon Prime Now has worked wonders. One of the providers available in my area is Sprouts supermarket. Sprouts is a wonderful supermarket with organic products and their selection is plentiful. I recently went to the dentist for a tooth extraction, I was placed of course on a soft food diet, and was not feeling up for a ride to the supermarket for all things soft. Instead, I immediately used Prime Now to purchase yummy yogurts, protein milk shakes, and premium juices. The delivery arrived right on time and for free. The best part is that if you're willing to wait beyond the one-hour delivery shipping is absolutely free with your prime membership. Otherwise, it's only $7.99 to receive deliveries within the hour.

I really think Amazon is tapped into the right market of convenience here. Sure there's lots of things that deliver now to you door but everyone knows that Amazon does it best. They have the best customer service, extremely responsive, and their system is the best. I recently began using prime for work orders on supplies, necessary meals, or snacks for our students. This allows for staff to free up their time and it becomes a win win for productivity.

Would you try the Amazon prime?

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What Are You Reading?

I am always reading something. If you follow me on GoodReads you know that I have been on a big memoir kick for the last year or so. Just when I think that my phase is over a new book is released and I am sucked back in. 

Right now I have 2 celebrity memoirs on my night stand. The first one I am reading out loud with my husband. We both really wanted to read this book and didn't want to wait for the other to finish! The book "Can I Say: Living large, cheating death, and drums, drums, drums" is the first book by Travis Barker. Travis Barker is best known as the drummer for the pop-punk rock band Blink-182. You might also know him as the rocker who was in a horrific plane crash and survived. Or maybe you know him as the Dad in the MTv show "Meet the Barkers".  We have really been enjoying reading this book because Travis grew up on the same area as my husband did so a lot of the beginning of the book was all about places we are familiar with. His story is what you expect a rock and roll memoir to be, lots of drugs, money, sex, cars and music. We are about half way through the book are we are loving it! 

The other book that is keeping me up late at night is the new book by Mindy Kaling "Why Not Me?" I LOVED her first book "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me" and was very excited to find out that a second book has been released this year. I was even more excited to find it at my local library. I have to admit that the first few chapters dragged a bit but after a few chapters it got good. Like staying up way too late good. Just like her character on her show "The Mindy Project" the book is laugh out loud funny. Follow along with Mindy as she becomes successful and yet still cannot seem to find love. There is also a chapter where she kinda sorta explains her relationship with The Office co-star B.J. Novak. I am almost finished with the book and I am sad to see it end.

What are you reading these day? 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Active Shooter Situation & Response

Sadly this is a consideration for today's society and it's better to prepare and know what you'd do if ever in an active shooter situation.

Some lessons learned from watching the coverage of the Paris attacks:

1. Know where the exits are. I've always taken emergency exits for granted never thinking they could be the very thing that save my life. A witness from the Paris concert hall attack mentioned having a habit of always knowing where the nearest emergency exit was located and the fastest route to it. This habit saved her life.

2. Memorize emergency phone numbers and essential passwords. Crazy how many numbers we don't know. Learn one to call internationally if local calls are impossible due to emergencies such as natural disasters. Also memorize your Facebook password. This may be the fastest and only way to communicate with loved ones if phones are failing.

3. Play dead. Can't believe I just typed that, but I read a few testimonials of individuals who literally played dead and held their breath as much as possible, holding completely still in the midst of carnage and chaos. This should be a last resort if escaping or hiding are impossible. This act saved the lives of some in the Paris attacks. Many times we may want to scream and yell but this act actually brings attention to us and could do more harm than good.

4. Be conscious of suspicious activity and follow your gut. Our intuition is very good at heightening our senses when something just doesn't feel right. Listen to those premonitions if your mind is nagging you about a certain situation, future commitment, or person. 

5. Always look for the people helping. In an active situation be alert with all around you. Brave citizens may very well extend a hand when you need it most. Don't go at it alone when tragedy strikes.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Meme Monday- California Winter

California is starting to feel a little bit of winter and the infamous El Nino . Of course this is a California winter so....