Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Break-Up Songs

I recently listened to a podcast all about break-ups and it took me back to those bad high school and even college break-ups. I was always the cliche of a girl after a break-up. My hair in a messy bun, wearing sloppy sweats, no make-up, tear stained face carrying around either a tub of ice cream or tube of cookie dough, moping around listening to the ultimate break-up mix. These songs helped to re-live the awful break-ups moments over and over again. Letting me dwell in the hurt feelings until I was ready to move on from sad love songs to more happy tunes.

So what are some of the ultimate break-up jams??? I asked my Facebook friends for some suggestions and it seemed like everyone had at least one. Here are a few they suggested......

Sukiyaki by A Taste of Honey: The opening line alone tells you that this is going to be a very sad song, "It's all because of you, I'm feeling sad and blue". This song can perfectly describe how a break up feels in the peak of the hurt.
Your Ex-Lover is Dead by Stars- This title sounds like it might be a break up jam that could make you feel a little better! A very Morrissey-esque and The Postal Service vibe. This starts with that awkward run in with the ex. The soft horns and piano make this song perfect to listen to while sitting in a dark room while it pours rain outside.

Best Thing I Never Had- Beyonce:  This is the song that you sing at the top of your lungs after the crying has stopped and the anger has set it. "Sucks to be you right now!... I am the one that got away.... Honestly you turned out to be the best thing I never had". 

Without You the Mariah Carey Version: this break up song is so awesome that it had been remade over and over again. So you initiated the break up and now you are totally regretting it. This is the jam you sing in the shower so the water can hide your tears. And also because you sound just like Mariah in the bathroom because the acoustics are so good.

Someone Like You by Adele:  This whole album by Adele was said to have been written by the singer after a horrid break up.  So when this song came out it become a break up anthem. This song goes beyond the break up and your ex's wedding day. Ugh we have all been there.

Mandy by Barry Manilow: Now this song has had to have been in a movie playing during a sad break up scene. Seriously listen to this song and you picture a sad man behind the wheel of a car in the rain (there is always rain) listening to this and crying.

You Outta Know by Alanis Morrissette:  The entire Jagged Little Pill album is pretty much the ultimate angry break up album. Alanis really captured the emotions that you go through during a break up. Uncle Joey from Full House really did a number on her! I can remember when my BFF went through a bad bad break up in high school. This entire album was on repeat 24/7.

Everything I Own by Bread: An old song but new to me and oh man is it a perfect sad break up song. A total 70's vibe. This was your parents teenage years break up song. The perfect song to play over and over again while trying to figure out the best way to get your ex back. The song may be old school but the message and the feelings still ring so true today.

My personal list includes....

The 1st Cut is the Deepest by Sheryl Crow
It's Been Awhile by Staind
Don't Speak by No Doubt
Somebody I Use to Know by Gotye
Picture of You by The Cure (well almost anything by The Cure really)
Sort Of by Ingrid Michaelson
Konstantine by Something Corporate.

But in my opinion Phil Collins is the king of the break up song.

Show 'em how it's done Phil......

Break ups are hard but I believe that good music can be like therapy. 
What songs would you add to this list? 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Disney Channel Shows: A Household Obsession

The Disney Channel is a household favorite for us. The early morning cartoon selections are perfect for toddlers thanks to shows like Sofia the First and The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. My typical morning entails at least 30-60 minutes of Disney Channel to give this momma time to tidy our home and ready myself for the day.

As the day wears on, the channel's programming switches to a slurry of pre-teen shows. I must say this is where the household obsession begins. My 8 year old could sit in front of the tube with Disney Channel on all day, if we let him. Of course, we limit the amount of TV he watches, but a lot of these Disney shows are pretty awesome. I actually don't mind his interest in this kind of television and often find myself watching along with him.

These are some must watch Disney Channel Shows:

Gravity Falls: is one of the only animated shows of it's kind for a pre-teen audience. I've already raved about this show in other posts, but I had to mention it again since my son and I LOVE the series so much. It's hilarious and so well written. We find ourselves repeating the show's silly one-liners all day long.

Dog with a Blog: we're a dog loving family so naturally we took to this show. This series is about a typical American family except for the fact that their dog TALKS (and obviously, blogs)! Talking animals aren't a new concept, but this show is the right mix of funny and sweet. My kid and I enjoy watching.

Good Luck Charlie: Another cute show that incorporates today's technology. Each show ends up being a video-blog for the little sis in the family, Charlie. The entire cast has great chemistry and the storylines are pretty cute, too. I especially love how everyone is so loving to the adorable Charlie character.

Austin and Ally: this is your classic show filled with pre-teens that love to dance and sing. I love how this show is such a good influence on what my kid thinks is "cool." He often tries dancing and dressing like Austin,  a fictional character I don't mind my son imitating.

Girl Meets World:  This is a spin off of a classic TV show from my youngin' days, "Boy Meets World." This is a new show to the Disney Channel and my kiddo and I already love it. It's got great lessons splattered throughout and it's nice to Cory and Topanga Matthews back on screen as parents. Just last night while watching an episode my son leaned over and said, "I love this show!"

What are your favorite Disney Channel Shows?

Monday, August 18, 2014

Lose Weight or Lose Money!

 Money is always a good motivating factor. Research has shown that money rewards and incentives can help people keep on a healthy lifestyle. A study conducted by the Mayo Clinic gave participants $20 every month if they lost 4 pounds. If they did not lose the 4 pounds they would then have to pay $20. These people lost 7 more pounds in a year than people who did not have the money incentive.  There are new websites and apps that are using this motivation to help people lose weight.

Pact is an app for your phone. The app is free and will pay you to hit all your fitness targets. Where does the money come from? Well, it comes from members who do not meet their goals and have to pay $5.00 a week. The concept is simple. You set your weekly goals for exercise and food and then make a 'pact' to keep these goals. Throughout the week you check in at the gym (gps will verify that you really are there and for how long!) you log in the food you eat. You even take photos of fruits and veggies that you consume to prove you are consuming them! Meet your goals and earn $5.00. Don't meet your goals and pay $5.00. This app sounds motivating and also time consuming! is a place that sounds like Las Vegas for weight loss. When you sign up, you set up how much you want to lose and in what amount of time. Then you place your bet. For instance you want to lose 60 pounds in 6 months and you bet $300.00. Then you have the 6 months to lose the weight. If you meet this goal you win! If you don't then you pay them the $300.00. This program can be done individually or as a group.

Would you try a program like this? 
Are these type of money incentive programs a great way to help people with weight loss? 
Or they just a scam to take people's money? 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Being UNfriended on Facebook: An Update

About a year ago one of my best girlfriends unfriended me on Facebook. It was a group of us that got unfriended actually and boy did it suck. It sucked because this was an honest to goodness friend that suddenly shut us out. 

Before social media, we were friends. Before accepting hundreds of "friend" requests on Facebook, this girl was our BFF. Personally, she was the kind of friend that made me feel funnier, smarter,  braver and happier just by being in her presence. 

Then one day, she was incommunicado. She didn't want to be in my world. She didn't answer my calls or texts. She was gone and it hurt. 

Here's how I handled being unfriended by my longtime friend. I said my piece and apologized for the role I played in our falling out. I then didn't let being unfriended matter so much. I called even when there would be no answer. I sent Facebook messages even if they'd go ignored. I listened while other friends said "they were done with the drama and planned to move on." I listened, but I didn't agree. I just couldn't quit on a friendship that was based on reality and not comments on my newsfeed. 

Eventually, my girlfriend came around. She was back and it was like we never skipped a beat. She thanked me for never giving up or turning my back on her. She was suddenly there for me like she'd always been. 

Losing friendships is never easy, but it's a part of life. Still, not all friendships need to be lost forever. Sometimes people lose their way and misunderstandings occur. Sometimes life simply beats us down and we forget that friends are meant to make it sweeter not harder. For me, I didn't let pride come over me and made sure my friend knew I was ready when she was. I had faith things would fall back into place even after they'd come undone. And they did!

Have you ever been virtually unfriended by a close friend?!? 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Being a BUSY mom shouldn't feel like such a drag!

Yesterday was one for the history books. Having work, family in from out of town, a child celebrating a birthday and a day full of activities made for a nonstop day 6am to 11pm. I was running from one commitment to the next and literally had to psych myself out midway through with a double espresso and personal peptalk.

But what I did for the day isn't uncommon. Moms are the queens of the multitask. It comes with the parental territory and it can be managed. Here are 3 simple tips to making it all work (with relative ease, sometimes)...

Plan your next day. Mapping out your next day in writing helps a busy momma get organized and makes for a more efficient day. A simple note in your smartphone works wonders. Lay it all out by hour and do your best to stick to a predetermined plan.

Ask for help. Sure, you can do it all. You can. But you don't always have too. Yesterday I had friends babysitting and family members pitching in to make my son's bday a true success. Being good with your time doesn't mean you do everything, always, all alone. In fact, it could be that the more help you seek and use the better your ability to manage various tasks.

Check your mindset. Being busy can feel overwhelming and taxing, sure, but it's worse when you're outwardly stressed by all of your time commitments. Do your very best to stick to your daily to-do list, enjoy the help from friends and family and consciously put yourself in a state of positivity. What I often tell my son is to display "an attitude of gratitude!" This could be appropriate for busy mommas, too. Being positive about all you have to take on gives you a pleasant mindset from which to stay on task and feel good about yourself when your day is done! And whatever you do, don't complain, that is a mindset crusher that only creates added stress. It also sends the wrong message to children who might start to feel like a burden to you.

There you have it... Three simple steps for keeping it together while better managing your time! Share your tips too; comment below!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Mom's 1st Birthday....

I dare you, double-dog dare you to watch this video WITHOUT crying. 

*** Did you actually click the link and watch it? If not, take the dare, and click!

Being a parent is truly one of the most complex gifts of life. We're so eager to celebrate our children's accomplishments, their milestones and to be in service to them. Plus, year one is the year a baby literally needs their parents (especially mom) the MOST! 

The above video truly captured the essence of being in service and it celebrates mommy's 1st year as much as it celebrates the baby's. Thank you Pampers for always nailing it with these ads. I especially loved this one from any years ago. Again, the message is babies need their mommas and it doesn't matter if you're a mammal or not. Everyone who makes it to year one made it with the support and guidance of loving parents. Us mommas push and pull and somehow we get our baby's through the sleepless nights, high-temps and high-tech gadgets, a dreaded SIDS paranoia and so much more.

With that said, as of late I've made a true effort to slow down. It's crazy the number of times we have to hear "enjoy it, they grow up fast!" I swear year 1 went by in the blink of an eye. However, I understand that now more than ever. What I've been especially conscious of is not simply all the firsts but all the lasts, too. Those are the real tearjerkers when you think about it.

See, we don't always remember the last time we gave our child a bottle, changed their diaper or maybe the last time we're called to tuck them in at night because they're scared. Those moments escape us and before we know it our babies are toddlers and our toddlers are grade-schoolers. I don't even want to envision when my grade-schoolers become teens. That's scary!

Today my oldest turns 8 years old. No longer does he need his old mom (he once thought I was 50 years old, I'm 33) to hand-feed him or tuck him in at night. He rather I let him borrow my iPad and watch MTV, and even still, he doesn't stop being my baby. I remember so vividly the bond created during year one of his life. It is in those 12 short months where I truly earned my parenting "stripes." 

So dear mommas: in the hustle and bustle of it all, let's remember to take a moment out of each day to slow down and enjoy not only all the firsts while hurrying to complete countless tasks, but also savor the lasts remembering that there's nothing quite as amazing as motherhood and that bond we created year one of our parenting journey. Doesn't matter how bumpy the journey, it's worth being celebrated! 

So to the dads reading this: please follow the example in video #1 and start plotting your photo gallery surprise, too! Moms deserve that and SO MUCH MORE! 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Teacher's Pet

I can't believe that summer vacation is almost over. My now 4th grader starts school this Friday!

I love starting the new year on the right foot with my kids teacher, and what better way to do that than with a gift. Now in the past we have gone the typical apple for the teacher route, but thanks to Pinterest you can be more creative and with very little expense! Here are some ideas for some creative 1st day of school gifts that are sure to earn you and your kid some brownie points! (Just click on the photos to find downloadable prints!)

Mints:  Just grab a tin  and fill with mints, or you can just grab some altoids! Print out this cute tag and tape it on. So simple. So cute!

Notebook and Pencils: What teacher can't use more notebooks and pencils! These days you can find both for about $2.00. Add a sweet note with this printable label.

Hand Lotion:  Those small bottles of lotion are perfect to keep on a desk. Add a sweet note about having a smooth year. Smooth...get it....lotion...smooth.

Highlighters:  My favorite part of back to school are the school supplies. I have a real love for them. Highlighters are one of my favorites! I love this idea of a bundle of highlighters tied together with twine and this printable sweet note.

Sharpies:  All teachers will go through a lot of Sharpies throughout the year. Some twine and a note is all you need! Oh and the Sharpies of course.

                                         Hope your first day back at school is the best!  
And for you Mamas dropping off for the first time.... take some dark sunglasses because you will cry!