Wednesday, October 7, 2015

That's Not an Art Collection...THIS is an Art Collection!

If there is anything that I am truly passionate about it's art. More specifically Chicano Art. Over the last few years my husband and I have been collecting pieces by artist that we like. Our collection is tiny - maybe 10 pieces. And they all fit on our dining room wall. We would love to continue to add to our collection. We like the idea of surrounding ourselves with the art we love. 

Recently a friend posted this vimeo video on her Facebook page and my jaw dropped to the floor....
                                               Enrique Serrato: A Life Amongst Art from Patrick Kennedy on Vimeo.

I don't know if I love art enough to sleep on the floor every night?

I hope that eventually this collection is cataloged and finds a space where it can be displayed and people like me to spend hours admiring it all. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Cocktails for Fall

It may not feel like fall in So Cal, but soon enough winter will have to show its "gloomy face". During the fall/winter transition I embrace all things cold weather: folky music, hot lattes, scarves, boots, and movie marathons buried under bedroom covers! Those are only some of the fun things we can expect this season, but there's also the good ol' fall cocktails that are perfect this time of year.

• Hard Apple Cider: spike your usual hot cider and poof! It's that simple. Rum works well with this mix. And wouldn't some Fireball Whiskey be so good in this! 

• Mexican Coffee: who doesn't love coffee with their liquor? Add a splash of tequila to any premium cup of coffee for that special zing.

•Whiskey Chai: we've spiked your cider and your coffee, so you know we had to also spoke your chai. This is a delicious mix for a warm fall evening.

• Spiced Cranberry Vodka: this is a twist on an old favorite. Add a sprinkle of hot seasoning and lime to a classic cranberry vodka. For an added touch garnish as you would a Bloody Mary: add celery, green olives and a thick slice of crispy bacon.

• White Russian: combine milk, kahlua liquor, vodka, and ice to make this this perfectly smooth drink! Have this while watching the cult classic: The Big Labowski (Google the reference).

• Finally, enjoy any cocktail recipe that includes Bailey's Irish Cream liquor (hot or cold). Delicious!

What are your favorite fall cocktails?

Monday, October 5, 2015

Living in a Scary World

A few weeks ago a horrendous thing happened where I live. 2 random people where murdered, another was beaten and a Mom stopped this person from carjacking her car with her 2 children inside. This monster was caught and arrested but this literally hit very close to home, work, school. I am talking just blocks away. We were lucky that we were out of town when it all happened but it still leaves me very anxious. So much that I have been having nightmares and waking up in an almost panic state.

I remember feeling this anxiety after horrible events like 9/11, Columbine, Sandy Hook, and the Colorado movie theatre shootings. As I am writing this I am hearing news of another mass shooting at a community college in Oregon. That is the 45 school shooting in 2015. Yup in 10 months. That is an average of about 1 a week.

There is so much debate about what the solution to this horrible problem is. Some want more gun control. Other want more people to own guns. Some feel it's a mental illness issues while some think it's a white privilege issue. I am also dealing with being a parent and the anxiety that it brings. At the same time I need to keep a brave front so that my children are not anxious and scared.

This Huff Post Parents article...

14 Tips for Managing Anxiety After the Shootings

...has great helpful tips for dealing with anxiety like these.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Bucket List for Travel

Sometimes you just have to do something that's a little crazy! Gives life the jolt it needs. For me, crazy happened last night and I can thank my Travel Bucket List for that!

After diligently researching Mexican reports for two weeks to decide on a winter vacation at the beach, I changed my mind in a matter of minutes, and instead booked a dream vacation to a beach resort in Bali, Indonesia.  Felt crazy just after I did it (both because it's expensive and because a place like Indonesia will likely pull me out of my everyday comfort zone). Elephant safari anyone? Plus, during this vacation I'll celebrate two big milestones: reaching 10 years or marriage and turning 35. Getting to both isn't assured and I've been blessed to be almost there. The perfect celebration in my personal opinion is TRAVEL!

Do you have a travel bucket list or simply a bucket list that inspires you? Everyone needs one. Doesn't mean we're constantly marking things off, but it does mean there's a plan that could come to life one day. The next travel destination for me is Africa. This way I will have done a least one trip to Africa, Europe, Asia, Central and South America, Canada, and the Caribbean. 

Having a bucket list for travel is something that stretches us beyond the daily bubble of life, even if only every couple of years. Last summer while I was on my third vacation to Guatemala I made a conscious effort to see a different part of the country, do something extreme, and keep myself towards an experience that only comes when a person encounters a new culture and way of living. I am humbled every time I learn about new cultures and I come to appreciate my own roots all the more. It's what travel does for me.

Travel doesn't have to be your bucket list theme. It could be adventures such as skydiving and race car driving. Heck, a bucket list can include experiences, foods, or even, hobby exploration. For one person learning to play the piano could be as impactful as first setting eyes on a foreign beach covered in black sand. All in all, a bucket list is that itemized plan to gives life a jolt to our lives reminding us there's more to it than habit and routine. Sure, we all have different lives and budgets.

Whatever the considerations and likes may be, I wonder, what would be on your BUCKET LIST for travel, or otherwise???

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Awesome Girls

My kids and I have been big fans of Kid President for a while. This kid really knows how to liven up a room and bringing positivity into the world. And did you hear? He even kissed Beyonce once.

Recently Kid President posted a new video all about a new series he is going to be doing. This series is called Awesome Girls and its going to be about girls out there making a positive difference in the world.

I love the idea of a young boy, despite his fear of the opposite gender, will be highlighting how awesome girls can be. Once again Kid President is out there doing some good in the world!  

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Creating a Family Command Center

Ever heard of a family command center?

My husband heard of one and it changed his life. He immediately cleared out a wall in our family room and got to work on his latest design idea (thank you, Pinterest):

Our center will look a lot like the one pictured above except it'll be more family-oriented. We plan to have a large roll of butcher paper for art projects and drawing, a few hooks for kids' coats and backpacks, art supplies, and a cell phone/mail drop. Another must have is a large Q to represent our last name. The hubby is adding a cross and favorite quote (directly painted on the wall) as well as a clock.

As you can see there are plenty of options when building a command center. The best part is the whole family will be organized around one key area in your home. A couple of must-haves in any center:

  • calendar
  • dry erase board and markers
  • mail drop

Having this space of organized chaos in any home is just what every family needs. This command center reinforces a family's daily routine of homework, chores, and multiple schedules. Plus, this project doesn't need to be costly. Find a wall in your home and fill it with hanging file bins and office supplies (calendar, notepad, and markers) from the Dollar Store, and poof, there's your command center.

How would you design the ideal family command center in your home?

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Emergency Medical ID on Your iPhone

Last week I upgraded my iPhone to the ios 9 operating systems and when all was said and done I noticed an icon for "Medical ID" a place to input my medical emergency information that anyone can access if needed.

Have you ever noticed on your lock screen. There is Emergency button...

If you click on it , even if locked, will take you to this screen...

From here you can make an emergency call. There is also a button *Medical ID. Here someone can click and see your emergency contact info as well as blood type, allergies and medical issues.

Here are some quick steps to set up your medical ID. Go into your Health App on your iPhone you well be taken to the dashboard. On the bottom right is where you can see and edit your medical ID info.

This is a great feature that can help save someone in an emergency situation. Great job Apple!