Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I Have a 10 Year Old

Last weekend my oldest child turned 10 years old. It's hard for me to believe that I have a 10 year old child. The last 10 years have really flown by. I remember the day that my daughter was born and the fear I felt. Becoming a parent and realizing that you are responsible for the upbringing of a little person is terrifying. 

Can I admit something to you guys? I still feel like I have no idea what I am doing. Every decision we have made when it comes to my daughter I have questioned over and over again. Every decision has been discussed and over-analyzed between my husband and I. Even after all the discussion I still am never sure if we made the right decision. I am constantly watching her and making sure that she is happy and well-adjusted.

These past 10 years have been a whirlwind. She went from a tiny baby to a curly headed toddler to a little preschooler and now a confidant (almost) 5th grader who writes essays and reads novels. She loves musicals, computer games, and the band Fall Out Boy. She is almost never seen without her tablet in her hands. She loves God and has experienced loss with grace and compassion. She is finding her talents and passions and it's exciting to witness.

After 10 years, a second child, and reading everything I can on the subject, I still feel like I have no idea what I'm doing. I am totally making it up as we go along.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tomorrowland: Movie Review

"Tomorrowland was awesome!" This according to my 8 year old. He mostly loved the futuristic scenes. The visuals were pretty cool if I say so myself. Citizens flying by via jet pack or visiting planets for fun thanks to high-speed rockets. Even the futuristic clothing was everything you'd image, both sleek and modern.

The future version of Disney's Main Street castle made me want to live long enough to see Disneyland circa 2099! This movie is all about time travel and moves along different eras with conflict faced throughout. Young kids will surely love this imaginative tale.

The downside of this film for this momma, was the way the story eventually dragged on. At some point, my little guy actually looked lost. Story does start strong and intriguing, so grade-schoolers and parents will enjoy it overall. 

To recap:

Pros: fun action scenes, intriguing story development, and George Clooney.

Cons: occasional long-winded dialogue, story doesn't finish as strong as it starts, and some scenes were slightly corny.

Overall, give this one a chance if you're a mother of imaginative grade-schoolers. Skip it if you're taking teens. All in all, the George Clooney eye-candy is a huge plus and the movie plot was positive and good for children!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy Memorial Day

We hope you are enjoying your day with friends and family. 
We would like to thank all those who serve and have served in our great nation's military. 
We thank you. 


Friday, May 22, 2015

Secret Menu Items

Most places have secret menu items, it just takes a little digging to know what to order and where.

At present, my kid is enjoying what's known as a big kid grilled cheese. This delicious sandwich is on the Panera Bread "secret" menu. This is actually one of my favorite secret menu gems consisting of a three cheese and bacon sandwich which is then heat-pressed with a layer of cheese melted on top!

Yum, yum, yum!

Other great secret items at my favorite spots include the captain crunch frap at Starbucks or the multitude of In-N-Out Burger secret menu choices e.g. adding sliced yellow peppers inside your burger, enjoying a protein style burger or simply ordering a grilled cheese and the Neapolitan shake.

And guess what? You can order a delicious serving of fully-loaded nachos at Chipotle Grill as well as fresh cilantro if you're in the mood! Now that sounds delicious. 

Share your hidden menu knowledge too by commenting below!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

5 Things I Learned From Reading Harry Potter

I was about 10 years behind the trend but I spent the last 2 months reading all 7 books in the Harry Potter series. 4,224 pages later and I am so happy that I took the time to do it. This series consumed me for the last few months and I am already missing the characters.

Here are 5 things reading Harry Potter taught me...

1. Do not piss of a Momma!: I loved the character of Molly Weasley. She was the busy Mom, worrying about her family and doing her best to raise good and kind children and keep up with her wacky husband. She was kind and loving and was the Mom that Harry needed. She was sweet and mild mannered until someone tried to mess with her baby girl.

2. Treat everyone with respect: In the wizarding world there is a definite hierarchy with house elves at the bottom. Through the books Harry and his crew treat everyone (who deserves it) with respect. Including the lowly house-elves. This would play a major role in the outcome of Harry and his friends.

3. The friends you make can become your family: When he was just 11 years old, Harry met Ron and Hermonie. They immediately became friends and eventually became family. Ron and Hermonie stood by Harry during everything. From O.W.L exams to living a life on the run from the world's deadliest wizard. They become the family that Harry should have had.

4. Magic is cool: I never picked up these books because magic and wizards were not my thing. The idea of wands and spells and potions was not appealing.  After book one I was looking on-line to see where I could by my own wand that would light up when I muttered "lumos". It also reminded me that believing in a little bit of magic is good. It makes life more fun.

5. Love and goodness wins in the end.: The big lesson throughout the series, in the middle of spell battles, flying dragons, giants, unicorns, puking pills and quidditch matches, we learned that love can conquer hate.

I am now in the middle of a Harry Potter depression. So my big issue now is, what do I read next? 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Beautiful Connection Between Mother and Child

Would your child recognize you if they were blindfolded? Keep in mind, you wouldn't be able to talk and there would be other mothers in the room for your child to explore by touch alone. Do you believe your child would correctly identify you?

In the following clip this is exactly what happens and the result was beautiful. Warning: there will be tears. Parent and children have a unique and beautiful connection. It's a connection that is explained without words as very apparent in this short clip:

Now it's your turn. Hermamas challenges our readers to try this experiment, too. The next time you're in a room with gal pals and your child(ren), try this blindfolded experiment and check back to tell us how it goes. We're looking forward to your stories, and hopefully, more touching water works.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

You Will See Even Less Women of Color on your TV Next Season.

It's that time of year again. All our favorite TV shows are having their season finales. Mad Men is over and we have months to wait until Walking Dead starts again. This is also the time of year where TV networks renew or cancel shows. I was so sad and kind of shocked to hear that 2 of my favorite shows were canceled.

ABC's Cristela and Fox's The Mindy Project will not be back on television this fall. I loved both of these shows. They were filled with quick wit humor. More importantly they were women-centered in front-of and behind the camera. Even better, they starred women of color.

Cristela was the story of a young Mexican-American woman working an internship at a law firm and working toward passing the bar exam. She lived with her sister, brother-in-law, niece, nephew and mother. The show was was filled with cultural punch lines and the set was filled with Jesus mugs and San Marcos blankets. The show reminded me a lot of the George Lopez show, but sadly network executives did not think the show deserved a second season.

The Mindy Project followed Mindy and her fellow ob/gyns in New York. Not as heavy on the cultural references this was a quick witted and funny show. Mindy was an equal partner to the men at her practice and even though we watched her experience her share of heart breaks, Mindy always stayed true to herself. The smart, independent and a bit arrogant self. After 3 seasons Fox has decided to drop The Mindy Project. Luck for us, Hulu has picked up the show and already ordered 26 episodes.

I was so excited to have a Latina lawyer and a Indian woman doctor on television. And can we talk about how both are beautiful stylish women who are not a size 2? We can only hope that the new shows for next season look just as diverse and have powerful, cultural women leads.